Fooman Order Manager (Magento 2)

  • Manage your Magento 2 orders in bulk with one click mass order processing actions. Save hours of time each week.

    Handling bulk order volumes is a breeze with our Order Management Extension. Mass invoice and mark all orders as shipped with one click from the Order Overview Screen.

    Mass order actions for Magento 2

    Handling large order volumes is a breeze. Invoice and mark all orders as shipped with one click from the Order Overview Screen. Choose to automatically generate Invoice and Shipment PDF's when you do this.

    Suitable for even the largest online stores – this extension saves hours of time each week by improving the standard Magento 2 workflow.

    The smart functionality of this mass order actions extension makes the Order Overview Screen deceptively simple in Magento 2

    Save time with a powerful Order Overview Screen

    The smart functionality of this mass order actions extension makes the Order Overview Screen deceptively simple. But it's highly configurable and packed full of all the time-saving features you need for managing Magento orders:

    • Change order statuses in bulk
    • Enter tracking information straight from the Order Overview Screen, including multiple tracking numbers
    • Change carrier information from the Order Overview Screen
    • Select a custom order status for each mass action

    Mass invoice and ship actions

    • Invoice and/or mark all orders as shipped with one click from the Order Overview Screen
    • New dropdown options on the Order Page Action List
    • Generate Invoice and Shipment PDF's
    • Save even more time by combining invoicing and shipping actions with printing actions

    Existing Magento 1 Order Manager customers receive an exclusive discount on upgrading to this Magento 2 extension. Email us at

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    What people are saying about Fooman Order Manager

    “I am in love with this module! I just shipped yesterdays invoices in a matter of minutes - this would have take me hours before! Thank you!!”

    - aprilschroeder, via Magento Connect

    “This is the one extension I never want to be without. Makes batch processing of orders so easy. We have a seasonal business selling Yaktrax branded ice grips in the UK from our site and can go from no orders for months on end to excessively high order volume after heavy and prolonged snow fall. If we had to process that order volume the Magento way on an individual order basis we'd never manage high season sales and would have to resort to a 3rd party fulfillment solution plugged into Magento.”

    - WebBod, via Magento Connect


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    Stability Stable
    Supported Magento Versions (full feature set) Not Applicable
    Supported Magento 2 Versions 2.0.x, 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.1.4, 2.1.5, 2.1.6, 2.1.7, 2.1.8, 2.1.9, 2.1.10, 2.1.11, 2.1.12, 2.1.13, 2.1.14, 2.1.15, 2.1.16, 2.1.17, 2.1.18, 2.2.0, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.2.4, 2.2.5, 2.2.6, 2.2.7, 2.2.8, 2.2.9, 2.2.10, 2.2.11, 2.3.0, 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.6, 2.4.0, 2.4.1
    Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) Not Applicable
    Supported Magento Enterprise Versions Not Applicable
    Change Log [8.4.4] - 2020-10-07
    ### Added
    - Compatibility with Magento 2.4.1 and 2.3.6
    [8.4.3] - 2020-09-21
    ### Added
    - Remove disabled or disallowed actions from dropdown menu automatically
    - Ability to configure printing directly or via a link
    ### Changed
    - Print Actions will now print all selected, even if not changed in mass action
    - Improved user experience for print actions
    [8.4.2] - 2020-09-11
    ### Added
    - Ability to require additional confirmation step for each mass action
    [8.4.1] - 2020-09-10
    ### Added
    - Ability to exclude statuses from Mass Status Update action
    ### Changed
    - removed pre 2.2.0 setting for Mass Status Update Action
    [8.4.0] - 2020-07-30
    ### Added
    - Compatibility with Magento 2.4.0
    - Support for Php 7.4
    ### Changed
    - Print actions use a separate authorisation resource
    - Adopt latest Magento Coding Standards
    [8.3.2] - 2020-07-09 ### Added
    - Dedicated Status Print action
    - Configurable pdf to print
    - Improved integration with Fooman PdfCustomiser
    [8.3.1] - 2020-07-03
    ### Added
    - Add print option to status update action
    - Admin action logging integration
    ### Fixed
    - Grid column reordering
    [8.3.0] - 2020-04-24
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.3.5
    [8.2.4] - 2020-01-25
    ### Fixed
    - Improve grid performance on large order datasets
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.2.11 and Magento 2.3.4
    [8.2.3] - 2019-10-08
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.2.10
    [8.2.2] - 2019-10-08
    ### Added
    - Support for Php 7.3
    - Support for Magento 2.3.3
    ### Changed
    - Minimum Magento version is now 2.2.0 - for earlier versions please use previous releases
    - Dropped support for Php 5.6
    [8.2.1] - 2019-06-26
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.3.2, 2.2.9 and 2.1.18
    [8.2.0] - 2019-04-11
    - Option to ask to send email or no email directly from Sales Order Grid (available for Magento 2.2+)
    [8.1.2] - 2019-03-28
    - Compatibility with Magento 2.3.1, 2.2.8, 2.1.17
    - Initial MFTF acceptance test
    [8.1.1] 2019-02-01
    - Entered empty tracking numbers with selected carriers now get N/A assigned as tracking number to prevent double handling
    - Not all print actions are redirected
    - Carrier titles are now set
    [8.1.0] 2018-12-04
    - Support for Magento 2.3
    [8.0.3] 2018-09-24
    - Improve integration tests
    - Replace Zend\Stdlib\JsonSerializable with \JsonSerializable
    - State all dependencies directly
    [8.0.2] 2018-09-08
    - Shipping tracked and untracked orders simultaneously
    [8.0.1] 2018-06-21
    Ability to select Status for Bulk Status Update directly on the Sales Order Grid (Magento 2.2+ only)
    [8.0.0] 2018-02-15
    - Package changed into a Metapackage - Implementation moved into fooman/ordermanager-implementation-m2 package
    - Semantic versioning will only be applied to the implementation package
    - Workaround for changed Magento behaviour in 2.2.2
    [7.0.0] 2017-10-02
    Some custom status changes were overridden (StatusProcessor constructor changed)
    [6.2.0] 2017-09-21
    Support for PHP 7.1
    Support for Magento 2.2
    [6.1.1] 2017-07-17
    Explicitly match Magento php version compatibility
    [6.1.0] 2017-06-09
    Ability to directly print a pdf as part of bulk actions
    Mass Status Update Action
    [6.0.0] 2017-03-26
    Ability to override default status assignments for each action
    Refactored class hierarchy
    [5.0.0] 2016-11-11
    Refactor custom UI Component to Plugin
    [4.0.0] 2016-10-27
    Refactor use of Interfaces and ObjectManager
    Improve functional test coverage
    Additional fix for empty tracking info
    [3.0.0] 2016-08-05
    - Compatibility with Magento 2.1, for Magento 2.0 use earlier versions
    [2.0.3] 2016-06-16
    - Allow empty tracking info
    - Use interfaces where applicable
    [2.0.2] 2016-04-01
    - Code style improvements
    [2.0.1] 2016-04-01
    - Also list Magento_Sales in module's sequence list
    [2.0.0] - 2016-01-22
    - Change folder structure to src/ and tests/ (not applicable to Marketplace release)
    [1.0.2] - 2015-11-21
    - Update code to stay compatible with latest Magento development branch
    [1.0.1] - 2015-08-15
    - Updated comments, remove unused code
    [1.0.0] - 2015-08-15
    - Initial release for Magento 2
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which new dropdown options are added?
    Once enabled in the set up options, you will find the following new dropdown options on the Action List:

    • Invoice selected
    • Ship selected
    • Invoice and ship selected

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    Review by James
    Always Used Him Always Will
    Been using his pluggins for Years and will continue for years to come (Posted on 19/08/2020)
    Review by Harry
    Great extension!
    We use this extension in our M1 store, and now our M2 store. Works great and saves time. Kristof and his crew helped with all the customization that we required. (Posted on 29/07/2020)
    Review by Bojan
    Works exactly as described!
    Exactly what we needed: changing the statuses of orders directly from the grid in one click. Great addition is that we can change the carrier and input tracking numbers also directly in the grid. (Posted on 19/02/2020)
    Review by Andrew
    Saves Time!
    Fooman Order Manager has saved us hours/week by allowing bulk entry of tracking numbers. Highly recommended. (Posted on 10/07/2017)
    Review by AJ Morgan Eyewear
    Great Extensions
    We've been using Fooman's extensions for quite sometime. They work great with no problems that we've encountered. (Posted on 6/07/2017)
    Review by Bart
    Works great
    This extension does exactly what it promises. We had some questions during installation and Fooman was responding very quickly. Very happy with it. (Posted on 29/03/2017)
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