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  • Tired of wasting time and making mistakes manually updating your records in Xero? Fooman Connect: Xero a Magento-Xero integration that saves you serious time. Quickly and easily link your Magento store with Xero.

    • Automatically export Magento orders, customer data, items and credit notes to Xero
    • Improve the accuracy of your data in Xero and eliminate mistakes from human error
    • Automate your processes and take the hassle out of managing your accounts


    Magento 2 Xero Integration. Easily integrate Xero Connect with Magento 2

    Description: Export Magento 2 orders, credit notes, customer data and sold products (items) to Xero using our Magento 2 Xero Payment Extension

    Automatically connect Magento + Xero

    Export Magento orders, credit notes, customer data and sold products (items) to Xero. Simply log into Xero and all your Magento data is there.

    All that's left for you to do is to reconcile the invoice or credit memo with bank, credit card or Paypal payments in Xero.

    Make the most of automatic controls using our Magento 2 Xero Payment Extension

    Fine grained options put the control in your hands

    You control the automatic export process, including:

    * Which order status will trigger the export
    * Manually excluding any records you don't want exported to Xero

    There's a variety of options in the Magento backend to suit your business needs.

    Seamless Xero Integration with your Magento 2 backend

    Never worry about customer record matching again

    Focus on growing your business, knowing your Xero customer records are up-to-date:

    * Invoices are automatically matched to existing customer records in Xero
    * New customer records are automatically created

    Payments made with Xero Connect Integration can be displayed in your Magento 2 backend

    Seamless integration with your Magento backend

    Once reconciled in Xero, payments made in Xero can be displayed in your Magento backend, so you can view them at a glance.

    You have full visibility and control of everything being exported from a new Xero dashboard in the Magento backend.

     Fooman Xero Connect Extension handles tax with ease in Magento 2

    Advanced tax settings to suit your business

    Even if your Magento tax settings are complex, Fooman Connect handles them with ease. No more frustration with manually re-assigning tax rates in Xero.

    Your Magento tax settings are accurately reflected in Xero, whether you're using Xero worldwide, UK, Australia or New Zealand (supports GST, VAT and Xero custom tax rates).

    Use a tracking category for your online sales to easily run reports in our Xero plugin for Magento 2

    Track your Magento sales in Xero

    Use a tracking category for your online sales to easily run reports in Xero. Track how your online sales perform against other channels.

    Match revenue to different Xero sales accounts on a per store or even individual product level.

    Feature List

    Multi Store Capable

    • Magento multi-stores can be mapped to the same Xero organisation, or to different Xero organisations

    Secure & Encrypted

    • All data transfers are protected by secure, high grade 128/256-bit encryption

    Supports Magento Custom Totals

    • Surcharges, extra fees, rewards points discounts and other custom total items are automatically converted to line items in Xero

    Wide Magento product support

    • Supports simple, configurable, bundled, grouped and virtual Magento products
    • Magento sold products are automatically mapped to Xero items. If a sold product is not already in Xero, a new Item will be created. This allows you to run the ’Sales by Item’ report in Xero

    Supports multiple currencies

    • Choose to export orders in base currency, or order currency

    Clean code backed by awesome support

    • Quality code by Kristof - 2x Magento Master and Certified Developer Plus
    • Official Xero add-on and the only official Magento Technology Partner integration
    • Code is easily extensible by developers - contact us to chat about your requirements


    OK, you’ve read this far and still want to know, why Fooman? Why not another integration?

    Since 2009, we’ve been perfecting Fooman Connect. We get what your needs are because we use Magento and Xero ourselves to run Fooman. Our customers tell us they’ve tried other integrations but settle on ours because it integrates with the nitty-gritty of how Magento works - taxes, custom totals, rounding and all the tricky stuff. It's powerful yet easy to use. Back this up with great support and you’ll see why hundreds of Magento users trust Fooman Connect.

    About the License Purchase Version

    Best for companies wanting flexibility to alter the extension code, offering:

    • Access to code base and ability to make code customisations to suit your requirements
    • 12 months free access to new updates
    • After 12 months, optional software updates (valid for 12 months) may be purchased. Updates are optional, but may be required if upgrading to the latest version of Magento
    • Supports unlimited monthly transactions (note: Xero's limit of 60 requests per minute applies)
    • 30 day money back guarantee

    NZ $ 35 /month

    Up to 5,000 transactions per month

    Data Submission process: Your store <> Fooman / Xero servers

    Limited code customisations

    Unlimited access to new updates and features

    License Purchase

    USD $ 699

    Unlimited monthly transactions*

    Data Submission process: Your store <> Xero servers

    Full access to code base to make customisations

    12 months access to new updates and features**

    * Xero's limit of 60 requests per minute applies
    ** After 12 months, additional software updates may be purchased at a discounted rate. Updates are optional, but may be required if updating to the latest version of Magento

    System Requirements: To securely transfer your financial data, your php version must be able to support openssl. Most websites meet this requirement, but please ask your hosting company if in doubt.

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    “I knew when we started I needed a solution that would give me full and accurate visibility of Magento sales data in Xero and be 100% accurate. From the very first pull of our sales data from Magento to Xero, it was all automated. It was really easy to do our partner payments each month, reconcile all our accounts and see our sales by region.

    The time taken for us to export and import into Xero was a matter of minutes, even when we have significant sales per month from different countries. The extension is very simple and intuitive”

    Read More

    Amy Read, CEO & Founder, Gifts Less Ordinary


    “I researched the alternatives to connect Magento and Xero. I first tried another tool but it wasn’t a great experience and I didn’t get the results I was expecting. So I was really happy when I found the Fooman extension and it worked exactly as I wanted it to. There’s a seamless integration between Magento and Xero - it’s like they are one!”

    Read More

    Victor ter Hark, Founder, Afura


    “... a well coded integration that can be customised to exact client needs. Kristof and his team provide excellent support and the time difference (they're based out of NZ) has never been an issue for us. We'll be using more of his extensions in the future and are happy to recommend them to other digital agencies.“

    - Peter Stannard, WSI (UK-based Digital Marketing Agency)

    “A fantastic product that has made life easier. We have been using this product for a couple months now. It has allowed us to track sales and refunds in real-time through Xero as we process them. It's a great product. Highly recommend it.”

    - sternyy182, via Magento Marketplace


  • License License for 1 Magento Installation (including multi store setup)
    Stability stable
    Supported Magento Versions (full feature set) No
    Supported Magento 2 Versions 2.0.x, 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.1.4, 2.1.5, 2.1.6, 2.1.7, 2.1.8, 2.1.9, 2.1.10, 2.1.11, 2.1.12, 2.1.13, 2.1.14, 2.1.15, 2.1.16, 2.1.17, 2.1.18, 2.2.0, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.2.4, 2.2.5, 2.2.6, 2.2.7, 2.2.8, 2.2.9, 2.2.10, 2.2.11, 2.3.0, 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.6, 2.4.0, 2.4.1
    Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) No
    Supported Magento Enterprise Versions No
    Change Log [8.4.0] - 2020-11-18
    ### Added
    - Ability to create tracked inventory items in Xero
    - Added some logging to invoice polling task
    ### Changed
    - Reset action can now be applied to any Xero Status
    ### Fixed
    - Automated tasks require enabling via the Enabled and Automatic Export settings
    - Manual Token Refresh
    [8.3.0] - 2020-10-23
    ### Added
    - Ability to poll Xero for payments to automatically create invoices in Magento
    - On credit notes use Xero provided exchange rate, if applicable
    [8.2.2] - 2020-10-08
    ### Added
    - Compatibility with Magento 2.4.1 and 2.3.6
    [8.2.1] - 2020-09-28
    ### Fixed
    - Skip tax options from disabled store views
    [8.2.0] - 2020-07-29
    ### Added
    - Compatibility with Magento 2.4
    - Support for Php 7.4
    [8.1.3] - 2020-07-10
    ### Added
    - New Action to connect orders to existing Xero invoices
    - Account selector for Aheadworks Store Credit
    ### Fixed
    - Missing prefix for one DB operation
    [8.1.2] - 2020-04-28
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.3.5
    [8.1.1] - 2020-04-17
    ### Fixed
    - Token should keep existing store scope during renewal
    [8.1.0] - 2020-04-09
    ### Changed
    - Ability to connect to multiple Xero organisations
    - Moved token storage to separate table
    - Always send customer first and last name when using Company as Contact
    - Update Xero SDK
    - Improve Subscription status display in Magento admin
    ### Added
    - Allow overhead accounts for tracking of shipping
    [8.0.4] - 2020-01-28
    ### Fixed
    - Automatic exports in OAuth2 Mode when not migrating
    [8.0.3] - 2020-01-27
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.2.11 and 2.3.4
    ### Fixed
    - Adjust for changed default in Xero SDK error handling
    - Display of payments in the Magento admin
    - Bank Account Dropdown Selector
    - Adjust for breaking changes in Xero's SDK
    [8.0.2] - 2020-01-09
    ### Fixed
    - Not all buttons added the required secret key
    [8.0.1] - 2019-12-12
    ### Changed
    - Major rewrite as Xero no longer offers OAuth1.0 for new api connections, deprecation for existing ones December 2020, further details on the upgrade are [here](
    - Adjusted to latest Magento Coding Standard
    ### Fixed
    - Use consistent naming
    [7.1.11] - 2020-05-04
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.3.5
    [7.1.10] - 2020-01-28
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.2.11 and 2.3.4
    ### Fixed
    - Xero turned off
    [7.1.9] - 2019-10-08
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.2.10
    ### Changed
    - Skipped 7.1.7 and 7.1.8 to align with License Purchase version number
    [7.1.6] - 2019-10-08
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.3.3
    - Support for Php 7.3
    - Settings to set a bank account for Codisto imported orders
    ### Fixed
    - Requested Country Name is not available
    - Check for existence of extension attribute during bin/magento setup:install
    - Payflow and Hosted Pro Payment methods should be covered for Paypal bank accounts
    - Some bundles don't have bundle selection nor line total set
    [7.1.5] - 2019-06-26
    ### Added
    - Support for Magento 2.3.2, 2.2.9 and 2.1.18
    - New setting to differentiate EU vs non-EU 0% tax rates
    - Ability to set bank account details for Braintree and WorldPay Credit Card
    - Ability to adjust due date for Magento Offline Payment methods
    - New mass actions to delete or void exported invoices in Xero
    ### Changed
    - Always import items from Xero first during automatic exports
    - Convert controller authentication to ADMIN_RESOURCE
    - Update paypal bank account choices to include no export option
    - Some version numbers have been skipped to stay in sync with the standalone license version
    [7.1.1] - 2019-03-28
    - Shipping Tax Rate is now retrieved from the actual applied rate if available, overrides existing Admin setting
    - Only export surcharge line items when either always displayed or with a non-zero amount
    - Creditnote Prefix is no longer a required setting and is checked at runtime
    - Compatibility with Magento 2.3.1, 2.2.8 and 2.1.17
    - Pick up total value from Amasty Checkout
    - Send Xero Item Name instead of Sales Description
    - Store scope settings were not always applied when using Export Mode - Magento invoices
    - Improve handling of re-exports when using the setting "Use Xero Numbers"
    Constructor changes in Model\DataSource\Order,Invoice and Creditmemo
    [7.1.0] 2018-12-04
    - Support for Magento 2.3
    [7.0.4] 2018-11-19
    - New mass action to reset export status
    - Locking mechanism for cron execution
    Constructor change in Model\Automatic
    - Workaround for M2ePro imported bundle
    [7.0.3] 2018-11-09
    - Support for Fixed Product Taxes
    - Current Liabilities to the account selector
    - Ability to select payment bank accounts for Ebizmart POS payment methods
    [7.0.2] 2018-10-19
    - Ability to fallback to Xero default Sales Accounts
    - Always create a shipping line item even if 0.00 value when shipping description is present
    - Prevent a 3rd party composer file breaking the load of Fooman Connect configuration
    - Retrieval of tax rate configuration when multiple rates are used within one export process
    [7.0.1] 2018-07-20
    Suppress Xero Account loads in a frontend context to prevent making 3rd party extension behaviour worse
    [7.0.0] 2018-07-15
    Package changed into a Metapackage - Implementation moved into fooman/connect-sub-implementation-m2 package
    Semantic versioning will only be applied to the implementation package
    Ability to not automatically create a payment in Xero on a per payment level
    [6.2.3] 2018-07-05
    Deal more gracefully with errors when displaying Xero payments inside Magento
    [6.2.2] 2018-06-03
    Configuration check
    [6.2.1] 2018-05-25
    Deal more gracefully with an error during decryption of config settings
    Locally fix XML formatting issues for PII data
    [6.2.0] 2018-05-20
    Test upcoming Xero TLS1.0 deprecation
    Keep personally identifiable information (PII) out of data transformation process
    [6.1.0] 2018-04-11
    Fooman Surcharges are now separate line items with configurable tax rate settings
    New option to export tax as separate line item
    Ability to select different bank accounts for Amazon/Ebay imports via M2ePro
    Only display a de-duplicated list of tax rates for all stores
    M2ePro Amazon imports do not provide billing country information, fallback to shipping country
    [6.0.0] 2018-02-08
    Support displaying payments if in invoice export mode
    Automatically wait if API request threshold reached
    Constructor changes in Fooman\Connect\Controller\Adminhtml\Xero\Item\ResetStatusFromInvoice
    Improved distribution of requests
    [5.3.3] 2018-02-01
    Payment DateTime display
    [5.3.2] 2018-02-01
    Increased Request Timeout
    Ensure we get back an ID from Xero
    [5.3.1] 2017-12-21
    Remove code account identifier
    [5.3.0] 2017-12-21
    Ability to specify payment to an account by code
    [5.2.2] 2017-11-30
    Change back to unobscured input fields
    [5.2.1] 2017-11-30
    Adding payment enabled accounts to Bank Account options
    [5.2.0] 2017-11-15
    Ability to set bank account for more payment methods
    Don't decrypt twice
    [5.1.3] 2017-11-11
    Workaround for issue with encrypted configuration fields in Magento 2.2.1
    [5.1.1] 2017-11-03
    Billing/company name display in invoice grid mode
    [5.1.0] 2017-11-02
    Ability to create payments in Xero automatically
    [5.0.2] 2017-10-25
    Direct link in invoice mode
    Grid view when using table prefixes
    Formatting of error messages
    Handling of Adjustment Fee on CreditMemo
    [5.0.1] 2017-09-21 Fixed Add redirect due to Magento regression displaying wrong menu item [5.0.1] 2017-09-28
    Add redirect due to Magento regression displaying wrong menu item
    [5.0.0] 2017-09-21
    Handling of tax compensation amounts for tax inclusive catalogs
    Date Picker converted saved values to wrong format
    Support for PHP 7.1
    Support for Magento 2.2.0
    [4.0.3] 2017-08-18
    - Updated to latest client to prevent Magento compilation issue

    [4.0.2] 2017-08-11
    - Adapted to grid filter changes in Magento 2.1.8

    [4.0.1] 2017-08-10
    - No changes

    [4.0.0] 2017-08-10
    - Filtering by Purchase Point in grids
    - Initial setup requires full admin
    - Implemented MEQP2 suggestions - privatised most properties
    - Item Export size changed to follow new Xero recommendation
    - User Agent now includes version number
    - Reset for Item Export Status

    [3.0.2] 2017-05-18
    - Initial release for Magento 2
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    Or select professional extension installation at checkout (or from here if you've already ordered your extension), and we'll install the extension for you.

    Extension Updates

    The monthly subscription option offers unlimited free updates to the Fooman Connect: Xero extension. When a new version is released, the file will be available to download from your account on the Fooman website, under “My Downloadable Products”.


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    User Manual
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much time will I save?
    Lots and lots! Exactly how much time depends on your order volume. In our trial on a Magento store with 10 orders per day, we spent 2 hours manually exporting one week's worth of data into Xero. This amounts to a whopping 100+ hours saved each year. Wouldn't you rather spend that time growing your business?

  • 4 Item(s)
    Review by Joe
    Stable, very functional and great support!
    We set this extension up to automate data to send from Magento 2 to Xero. It worked straight away with very little effort. Simple to configure and the syncing was quick and robust. Great functionality it did everything we needed. Support was amazing too - quick, personal very personal. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 16/04/2019)
    Review by Clare
    5 star support + willing to make changes to benefit customers
    We were very impressed with Fooman from start to finish. The level of support we received as well as plugin customization (that would benefit other customers too) was unbelievable. The plugin has saved us so much time! Thank you Fooman! (Posted on 30/01/2018)
    Review by Graeme
    Initial Issue well resolved
    Had an initial issue with the installation and connection, which fooman support resolved for me. Get them to install for you as well worth the effort Thanks (Posted on 2/10/2017)
    Review by sternyy182
    A fantastic product that has made life easier.
    We have been using this product for a couple months now. It has allowed us to track sales and refunds in real-time through Xero as we process them. It's a great product. Highly recommend it.

    **Review re-posted from Magento Marketplace** (Posted on 27/06/2017)
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