Fooman Surcharge (Magento 1)

  • Surcharges made easy

    Pass on expensive payment provider fees to customers in an easy and transparent way, without increasing your product pricing.

    Alternatively, encourage customers to use cost effective payment options by offering a discount for these payment methods.

    Flexible surcharge options

    Surcharge according to a range of flexible criteria including payment method, customer type, product, country or region of order, and even shipping method.

    Charge a small order fee or enforce a minimum order amount. Apply surcharges only to orders below or above a specified value.

    Fine grained control over credit card surcharges

    Impose a global credit card surcharge, a surcharge only for particular card types*, or different surcharges for different card types (for example AMEX only)*.

    * These targeted surcharges require your store to be running a payment solution where customers enter credit card details on your website (rather than an external payment solution).

    Integrated surcharge display

    Surcharges and a configurable surcharge description are automatically displayed in the following places:

    • Checkout
    • Print Order page
    • My Account Order View page
    • Customer sales emails generated by Magento
    • Pdfs generated by Magento

    Quick and easy to use

    Easily add, manage and delete surcharges in minutes. Do it all from the Magento backend without technical knowledge.

    Feature List

    Charge more or less based on:

    • Payment method
    • Credit card payments (card-specific surcharges are possible if customers enter credit card details directly on your website)
    • Customer type
    • Country or region of order (based on either billing or shipping address)
    • Product
    • Shipping method (add a surcharge for mandatory insurance or extra handling fees for certain shipping methods)


    • Enforce a minimum order amount by adding an extra fee to orders below a specified amount
    • Charge a small order fee on orders below a specified amount
    • Customer group filter option on all surcharge types (except product surcharge)
    • Country filter for payment surcharges - surcharge customers only from specific countries, or surcharge everyone except customers from specific countries
    • Order minimum/maximum filter for payment surcharges - apply surcharges only to orders below/above a specified value
    • Surcharge can be a flat rate or a percentage fee (except product surcharges, which can be configured as a flat rate fee only)

    Other Features:

    • Configurable surcharge description
    • Surcharge details are automatically added to the checkout, Print Order page, Account Order View page, customer sales emails and pdfs generated by Magento
    • Fine grained control over how surcharges are calculated - choose to include or exclude tax, shipping and discounts, or simply surcharge based on the grand total
    • Choose where the surcharge is displayed in the checkout totals sort order
    • Choose to display surcharges including tax, excluding tax, or both
    • Choose which tax class applies to surcharges
    • Set different surcharges on a per store basis (multi store capable)


    • Compatible with Magento's 'Checkout with Multiple Addresses' feature
    • Google Checkout is currently not supported
    • Please read the FAQ carefully if you are also running another payment extension (especially a One Step Checkout module), as some modules are not compatible with Fooman Surcharge

    Trusted By Companies Big and Small

    “Flexible extension and brilliant support. Of all the surcharge type extensions, this one seems to understand the complexities of Magento's payment system the best...”

    - Neil, via the Fooman website

    “This extension was great and easy to install (and delivered immediately)! Unfortunately I tried a similar extension from elsewhere with problems, and I finally gave up to give Fooman extension a try (have bought another Fooman extension before), and it works fine with: GoMage LightCheckout and PayPal (the other extension I tried had problems with total amount coming out wrong, but with this extension the order amount is the same as PayPal amount). Even support VAT on surcharge (option), and I now think I can use it for even other purposes that I first planned (many options)!”

    - it24, via Magento Connect

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  • License License for 1 Magento Installation (including multi store setup)
    Stability Stable
    Supported Magento Versions (full feature set),,, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x, 1.9.3.x, 1.9.4.x
    Supported Magento 2 Versions No
    Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) 1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4, 1.1.5, 1.1.6, 1.1.7, 1.1.8, 1.2.0,,,, 1.2.1,,, 1.3.0, 1.3.1,, 1.3.2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Supported Magento Enterprise Versions Not Applicable
    Change Log 1.0.0 First release
    1.1.7 Added surcharge tax settings
    2.0.0 Added payment surcharge type option to Customer Group surcharge
    2.0.3 Added fixed transaction cost option for Credit Card and Payment Type surcharges
    2.0.4 Added second Payment Type surcharge option
    2.0.5 Added option to apply Enforce Minimum Amount and Small Order Fee surcharges to particular customer groups
    2.0.7 Fine grained settings for how surcharges are calculated
    2.0.8 Added option to display surcharges as excluding/including/including and excluding tax
    2.1.1 Added option to have up to 5 Payment Type surcharges
    2.1.2 Added second Credit Card surcharge option
    2.1.3 Added group filter option to Enforce Minimum Amount and Small Order Fee surcharges
    2.1.6 Added second Customer Group surcharge option
    2.2.1 Added Country Fee and Region Fee surcharge options. Added group filter option to Customer Group surcharge
    2.2.4 Added group filter option to Credit Card Surcharge and Payment Surcharge
    2.2.12 Added Surcharge on Shipping Method option
    2.3.1 Added Surcharge on Products option. Added payment surcharge type option to Small Order Fee surcharge
    2.3.3 Added second Country Fee surcharge option
    2.3.5 Added choices to surcharge on subtotal and shipping tax inclusive totals
    2.3.6 Fix for empty shipping methods, allow negative taxes when discounting
    2.3.7 Fix tax helper to deal with changed Magento behaviour
    2.3.8 include selftester
    3.0.0 Complete rewrite of the extension internals to be more modular, all surcharge types are now covered by automated tests
    3.0.1 Five payment surcharges available by default, Country filter and Max and Min amount available for 2 payment methods, Surcharge total can now be sorted, various fixes
    3.0.2 Extension is now compatible from 1.4.+
    3.0.5 Include TotalsSortingFix by default, add option to turn off country filter, fix tax inclusive surcharges
    3.0.8 Fix double inclusion in quote grand total
    3.0.9 negative Surcharge amounts are distributed proportionally when invoicing or refunding, fix CC surcharge for payment methods that do not extend the Magento CC base class
    3.0.10 additional settings for product surcharges (exclude product, or turn off surcharge for order)
    3.0.12 allow payment surcharges to be previewed at payment selection step
    3.0.13 make surchareg preview display configurable
    3.0.14 add compatibility with RicoNeitzel_PaymentFilter, allow surhcharge tax class to be set based on basket content
    3.0.15 fix for double observer calls
    3.0.17 updated common module
    3.0.18 get the right address object for region and country calculations during multiaddress checkouts 3.0.20 updated common module
    3.0.21 fix admin group assign, style improvements
    3.0.22 better listing of available shipping methods, add special treatment for paypal standard for surcharge preview
    3.0.23 extend min/max to all 5 payment methods
    3.0.24 fix shipping/billing address retrieval on non-multicheckout
    3.0.25 Create Override Setting for Calculate Surcharge On (Shipping)
    3.0.27 add MultiSafePay workaround
    3.0.28 improvements around payment preview for some 3rd party checkouts
    3.0.29 Common module update
    3.1.0 use fooman_surcharge as total code to avoid naming clashes (SagePay)
    3.1.1 allow applying a country filter on all payment methods surcharges
    3.1.2 allow negative product surcharges
    3.1.3 add surcharge on surcharge mode
    3.1.4 include manual as tooltips in adminhtml
    3.1.5 add options for small order fee basis
    3.1.6 fix preview of tax inclusive surcharges, restrict CC surcharges to Magento's CC class
    3.1.7 add adjustable surcharges on refunds
    3.1.8 delta rounding tax, add 2 more shipping surcharges
    3.1.9 remove dynamic rewrite (drops support for Magento below 1.4.1)
    3.1.10 fix country fee settings
    3.1.11 annotate more settings
    3.1.12 support API2
    3.1.13 apply different workaround when taxes are different
    3.1.14 use base rate for adjustable surcharge amount on creditmemo, additional tax rate fixes for 3.1.13
    3.1.15 fixed display of tax in configurable creditmemo
    3.1.16 fixed tax incl. vs excl. on configurable creditmemo
    3.1.17 fixed an issue on Magento 1.7 when cart contains configurable/bundle products, allow refund surcharge to be entered tax exclusively
    3.1.18 adjust for hidden taxes on refunds, improved handling of product exclusions on product surcharges
    3.1.19 prevent zero divisions on creditmemos without surcharges
    3.1.20 order amounts should only be updated once
    3.1.21 fix surcharge tax amounts on admin created invoices
    3.1.22 fix don't convert product surcharges to full digit amounts
  • Check out installation instructions, User Manual and FAQ over at the Support Centre.

    Installing this Magento extension requires a moderate knowledge of website maintenance.
    Or select professional extension installation at checkout (or from here if you've already ordered your extension), and we'll install the extension for you.

    Extension Updates

    Free extension updates are available for 12 months after your initial purchase. When a new version is released, the file will be available to download from your account on the Fooman website, under “My Downloadable Products”.


    Installation Instructions
    User Manual
  • Below, you can find answers to questions you might have about the extension functionality, and common questions asked by customers before they purchase the extension.

    Do you have a general question (eg. about licensing or your account), or a specific troubleshooting issue? Check out our Help Centre.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I permitted to charge a surcharge for credit card payments?
    Please check your individual credit card contractual agreement, as it varies from country to country and from payment provider to payment provider. As an alternative to charging a surcharge on credit card payments, you can usually apply a discount to non credit card payments (eg. cash payment/bank transfer).

    Will Surcharge work with my one step type checkout?
    Unfortunately there are a lot of extensions out there which replace the checkout. In our experience the ones we have come across tend to take away too much functionality, ie replacing Magento's default without adequately covering what Magento does. If your checkout extension ticks the following boxes chances are good that Surcharge will work out of the box:

    1.) Upon switching of the payment method the review section reloads
    2.) Upon switching the credit card type the review section reloads (required if you want to surcharge based on credit card type)
    3.) Custom Totals are displayed (if the extension also offers an Enterprise version this is a good sign)
    4.) Custom Totals are displayed using their configured block
    5.) Settings are honoured (tax inclusive vs tax exclusive settings for the totals are often ignored - see System > Configuration > Tax)
    6.) Directpost is supported (without hacking it)
    7.) original layout handles for the checkout steps are honoured
    8.) Totals sort order is honoured (System > Configuration > Sales)

    Please understand that the changes are made in the checkout extension which is beyond the control of our code which is well tested against the default Magento checkouts.

    Rest assured that our extensions include a 30 day money back guarantee, so feel free to test out the extension on your own development site. If it doesn't work as intended, just let us know and we will refund your purchase.

    Can I apply a surcharge only on specific credit card types (eg. only on American Express cards)?
    This is possible if customers choose their credit card type directly on your website (rather than being transferred to a third party site to choose card type and enter payment details).

    Can I apply a surcharge only to payment by credit cards, and not to debit cards?
    This is possible if your payment method can differentiate between credit cards and debit cards within the checkout process and makes this information available on Magento (ie. customers choose their card type directly on your website, rather than being transferred to a third party site to choose their card type and enter payment details).

    If your payment method cannot differentiate between this, then different surcharges for credit and debit cards cannot be applied.

    Can I exclude certain individual products from a surcharge rule?
    Yes - Fooman Surcharge adds new dropdown options to your products prices tab. To exclude a certain product from the calculation, use "Exclude from Surcharge" = Yes.

    Can I use Fooman Surcharge to give discounts?
    Of course! Fooman Surcharge can also be used to apply discounts as well as surcharges. Just enter a negative amount during set up.

    Are surcharges applied just to the order subtotal, or can they also be applied to tax and shipping?
    This is customisable to suit the requirements of your store. You can choose to apply surcharges/discounts to:

    • Subtotal
    • Subtotal plus shipping
    • Subtotal plus shipping plus tax

    You can also choose to exclude any discounted amount from the total used to calculate surcharges.

    How many different payment method surcharges can I set up?
    You can set up two different credit card surcharges, plus up to five different payment method surcharges.

    Is the extension compatible with Magento's default one page checkout?

    Is the extension compatible with Paypal, PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Website Payments Standard?
    Yes, if using the payment method code as included in a default Magento install.

    How do I make sure I'm using surcharges the right way?
    There is no one right way to use surcharges. Every store is different, and you know your customers best. Here are some of our tips on how to use Surcharges without turning your customers off.
    Read the full post here.

    Is the extension compatible with Paypal Plus?
    No Surcharge is not compatible with the last version of Paypal Plus that we tested.

    Is the extension compatible with Cart2Quote?
    Yes - Cart2Quote is compatible out of the box with Fooman Surcharge. Surcharges are integrated into the total blocks of Cart2Quote. For more information, please visit the Cart2Quote blog page.

    Is the extension compatible with Google Checkout?
    Google Checkout is currently not supported.

    Is the extension compatible with the Paymill extension?

    Are there any other known conflicts between Fooman Surcharge and other Magento extensions/payment methods?
    While Fooman Surcharge works with most other Magento extensions and payment methods, there are unlimited possible combinations and it is impossible to test them all. The ones that don't work out of the box are most often the ones that look at the individual cart items instead of charging the grand total of the order while neglecting custom totals. In most cases this can be fixed with a small code change in the payment method.

    Workarounds are provided for the following extensions:

    • iDEAL (Dutch payment processor)
    • One Step Checkout (by
    • GoMage Light Checkout
    • MultiSafepay

    Can I use the extension with Magento Enterprise?
    Currently there is no officially supported Enterprise version. Other customers have successfully used the community edition with Magento Enterprise - it's just that this has not yet been fully tested by us, and any Enterprise specific features won't be supported.

    Rest assured that our extensions include a 30 day money back guarantee, so feel free to test out the extension on your own development site. If it doesn't work as intended, just let us know and we will refund your purchase.

    Is Surcharge multi store capable?
    Surcharge is fully multi store capable and can be configured differently for each store.

    Will surcharges be shown automatically in pdf documents generated using Fooman Pdf Customiser?

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    Review by Albrecht
    The responsive Fooman support helped us to cover a special demand
    We are using Fooman Surcharge as small order fee solution on our shop. As we needed a small order fee basket value limit and at the same time a limitation to only one product in basket, Fooman send us a small modification which covered our demand. Thumbs up for Fooman Surcharge and the team behind it! (Posted on 9/07/2019)
    Review by Oswin
    Amazing Extensions
    When buying an extension from Fooman you are guaranteed a product that works great, every detail thought out. Need something customized? They do it for a price anybody can afford and not many other extension companies offer that. If you are in need of an extension and have the chance to buy it cheaper elsewhere, do not do it. The work to get it all running properly will cost you a lot more than the plug and play extensions from Fooman (Posted on 20/04/2019)
    Review by Rivka
    I had a hard time finding an extension that did exactly what I needed - apply a very specific surcharge. Kristof showed me which lines of code to change - FREE OF CHARGE!! - to get it to work exactly the way I needed it to. Awesome extension and awesome support! (Posted on 14/06/2018)
    Review by Veronika
    Fantastic support, these guys help always! (Posted on 20/02/2018)
    Review by Paul
    Extra Fee Extensions
    Fooman did a great job.We tried installing other extensions from other vendors and had no success. Fooman installed theirs and we were working very quickly. I would use them and recommend them again. It's all about the customer support and they did a great job with that. (Posted on 12/10/2017)
    Review by Andrej
    As always: Very good
    Very reliable, with a lot of options. Simple to use, with detailed manual. (Posted on 10/04/2017)
    Review by Per
    Satisfied customer
    Full satisfied with the service and product from Fooman. Quick help from support, and not a bad word to say (Posted on 6/04/2017)
    Review by Tomek
    the only 1 surcharge fee extension with correct taxes
    I just bought this extension searching whole Magento connect for extra fee or surcharge that will support correctly taxes (include tax into grand total without tax + correct tax breakdown). Unlike others (I tested 3 other major extra fee extensions from most known Magento developers on market), this one Surcharge from Kristoff works 100%.

    If you use prices with taxes in the store - this is the only one extension that will calculate it properly, even for refunds. Its a must for EU countries.
    It works flawless with TM Firecheckout (support out of box is added from TM version 3.11).

    Most needed Feature to add in next releases: please add option to add optional fees (with radio or checkbox). This is really needed for insurance fees or extra gift wrap or rush delivery.
    Thanks a lot! (Posted on 19/02/2017)
    Review by Richard
    excellent product and excellent support!
    We use the surcharge extension in many different scenarios, including several for which the Fooman team helped us customise the code to some very specific situations. Extremely helpful and very professional! (Posted on 19/12/2016)
    Review by Jürgen
    Very good
    Great extension, simple to use. (Posted on 9/12/2016)
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