Fooman Speedster (Magento 1)

  • Speed up your store

    Speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching Javascript and CSS files.

    Fooman Speedster combines multiple Javascript and CSS files into a single Javascript file and single CSS file, for faster page load times.

    This reduces the total size of files to be loaded, as well as the number of HTTP requests (for both empty and primed caches).

    A faster customer experience

    Page load speed is a big factor in how long customers spend browsing your store. Faster page load times have been proven to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

    Fooman Speedster speeds up your store, delivering an improved customer experience to keep customers browsing your store for longer. 

    Feature List

    • Fully automated once installed, with automatic versioning when Javascript/CSS files are updated
    • Compresses files without requiring gzip support on your server
    • Creates far future expire headers for the combined Javascript and CSS files
    • Multi store capable
    • Uses the Minify library by Steve Clay (released under a BSD license)

    Fooman Speedster is now controlled by an advanced self testing framework. You can only enable Speedster once the configuration has been set up correctly and all self tests run successfully.

    Note that the self test does not include testing for existing Javascript errors on your site - it's still important to do this separately before installing Fooman Speedster (see below for details).

    Before/After Comparison




    System Requirements

    Fooman Speedster works out of the box using an Apache platform run on Linux. In addition:

    • Mod_rewrite (a standard Apache module installed by default on most Linux servers) must be enabled
    • .htaccess must be supported
    • CSS images must be available under the same domain as the store
    • No existing Javascript errors on the store

    Several developers have also successfully installed Fooman Speedster on different platforms by adapting the installation process. For further reading see Configuring nginx for Magento documentation.

    Is Fooman Speedster Right for my Store?

    Fooman Speedster is a free extension which has been tested with the default Magento themes and successfully installed on thousands of Magento stores. However, there is always a risk that minifying and combining Javascript files can produce Javascript errors. We do not recommend using Fooman Speedster without thorough testing on a test site if:

    • Your store already contains minified files
    • Significant Javascript customisation work has been done on your store and the added non-default Javascript files do not follow best practice Javascript (you can test with
    • Your store uses Jquery (or has extensions installed which use Jquery) - although a workaround is provided in the instructions, almost 100% of reported errors are from stores which also use Jquery

    Customer Case Study

    Meanbee are a small and talented team of eCommerce developers with Magento Certified Developer and Frontend Developer certifications - the gold standard of Magento developer competence. Working with Magento since its beta version in 2007, Meanbee developers have deployed over thirty successful sites. In addition to full-site builds, Meanbee are also active in the Magento extension market.

    Meanbee uses Fooman Speedster as a standard installation on client store builds. "It's simply the best asset merging technique out there for Magento. It's very well thought out and implemented", Meanbee Managing Director Tom Robertshaw.

    Featured In

    • The Golden Master List of Magento Performance Enhancements (by Mark Shust)
    • Ten Killer Magento Extensions (by Ebay Developers Program)
    • 7 Worthy Magento Extensions (by Practical Ecommerce)
    • Top 10 must-have free Magento extensions (by Neweb)
    • Fooman Speedster gives Magento Legs (by Neuerfindung) - in German
  • License Open Software License (OSL)
    Stability Stable
    Supported Magento Versions (full feature set),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x, 1.9.3.x, 1.9.4.x
    Supported Magento 2 Versions No
    Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) Not Applicable
    Supported Magento Enterprise Versions Not Applicable
    Change Log 3.0.15 Change composer entry to relative paths
    3.0.14 compatibility with Magento 1.9.0, flexible baseDir to support modman installs, create minifiycache dir on the fly
    3.0.5 latest common module
    3.0.4 autoload changes
    3.0.2 loosen checks on block rewrites
    3.0.1 Incorporates security update to the Minify library (v2.1.7) and new self testing framework with "enable" option for Fooman Speedster
    2.0.9 Enhancement: - order skin_js after global js fix: packaging.js exclusion
    2.0.8 1.6. compatibility - workaround for packaging.js
    2.0.7 Re-packaged to hopefully prevent chmod error during Magento Connect installation
    2.0.6 Enhancement and bugfixes for folder detection in m.php
    2.0.0 Easier installation - no need to edit .htaccess file any longer
    (you can remove the snippet from the root .htaccess file if you have updated)
    reshuffled minify library -> extension can now be used in conjunction with Magento's compiler
    1.2.0 Remove validation-4min.js - extension now requires Magento 1.4+
    1.1.3 Only replace the correct validation.js
    1.1.0 Fix canonical url output, updated bundled validation.js to newer build
    1.0.4 Updated bundled validation.js to newer build, minor fixes
    1.0.2 Updated to newer minify build
    1.0.0 First Stable Release
    0.9.4 RC1 (updated to minify 2.1.2, added support for minifying skin_js)
    0.9.3 Reversed adding subdirectory to paths
    0.9.2 Change in detection of subdirectory
    0.9.1 Correct timestamps for subdirectory installs
    0.9.0 Fixed bug in handling of subdirectories - .htaccess has been UPDATED!
    0.8.2 Removed check for core dependency
    0.8.1 Automatically configure paths for multi stores
    0.8.0 Multi store functionality now supported - please read the documentation forum for details
    0.7.16 Updated to work with Magento 1.2 - form_key support, thanks jemoon
    0.7.15 Fixed multiple sites date stamp issue
    0.7.14 Reworked paths - should enhance cross-platform support
    0.7.10 Admin areas now supported, reworked folder handling - .htaccess HAS CHANGED!
    0.7.9 Set docroot for IIS - could solve image handling bug
    0.7.8 Fixed bug introduced with 0.7.7 - automatic handing of validiation-4min.js
    0.7.7 Update to Minify 2.1.1 (support for symlinks)
    0.7.6 Load CSS before JS - this should allow the browser to render the page earlier
    0.7.5 Fixed bug introduced with 0.7.4 (load JS/CSS securely when needed)
    0.7.4 Non-webroot installations now handled properly (.htaccess needs to be changed accordingly)
    0.7.3 Handle js_css files
    0.7.2 Fixed bug with index.php
    0.7.1 Added .htaccess to /lib/minify folder to allow access
    0.7.0 Automatic versioning support, automatic configuration of used skin and proper Magento field validation
  • Check out installation instructions, User Manual and FAQ over at the Support Centre.

    Known conflicts with Fooman Speedster

    • CANONICAL URLs by Yoast - a workaround is provided
    • MXPERTS JQUERY BASE - a workaround is provided
    • Magento's default "Merge JavaScript Files" and "Merge CSS Files" options under System > Configuration > Developer. Do not enable these settings when using Fooman Speedster


    Installation Instructions
    User Manual
  • Below, you can find answers to questions you might have about the extension functionality, and common questions asked by customers before they purchase the extension.

    Do you have a general question (eg. about licensing or your account), or a specific troubleshooting issue? Check out our Help Centre.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I use Fooman Speedster or Fooman Speedster Advanced?
    Fooman Speedster works on most servers. Fooman Speedster Advanced supports a smarter caching strategy and improved speed performance, but requires specific server functionality to work.

    Answer these four questions to determine which version of Speedster is best suited to your needs:

    1. Do you use Magento Version 1.4 or above?
    2. Does your server send Far Future Expire Headers?
    3. Does your server send gzip content?
    4. Did you understand the last two questions?

    If you answered 'NO' to any of the four questions, you should install the original Fooman Speedster extension.

    If you answered 'YES' to all questions, you should install Fooman Speedster Advanced.

    Are there any known conflicts between Fooman Speedster and other Magento extensions?
    The following extensions conflict with Fooman Speedster:

    • Canonical Urls by Yoast
    • Mxperts Jquery Base

    In both cases, a workaround can be installed during installation - see below for details.

    Does Fooman Speedster add any settings or admin menus?
    From version 3.0 onwards, Fooman Speedster adds a global on/off switch under System > Configuration > Fooman Speedster. Earlier extension versions do not add any settings or admin menus to your Magento store.

    Can I use the extension with Magento Enterprise?
    No - however we recommend you look at our Fooman Speedster Advanced extension.

    Where can I find support for Fooman Speedster?
    For troubleshooting, please:

    • Check out installation instructions, User Manual and FAQ over at the Support Centre • Ensure that your store does not already contains minified files
    • Ensure that your store does not contain significant Javascript customisation work, and that any added non-default Javascript files follow best practice (you can test with
    • Ensure that you are not running any conflicting extensions This usually solves 95% of issues we receive. If an error still persists after following the instructions and troubleshooting advice above, please contact your Magento developer or disable the extension as we are unable to provide individualised support for free on a free extension..

    Feel free to contact us to report any suspected bugs with the extension if you are able to replicate the issue on a default Magento install, however please note that we are unable to provide individual troubleshooting advice.

    Why don't you offer an installation service for Fooman Speedster?
    We have found in the past that the installation could lead to more required changes in the custom theme or in previously installed extensions. This is not something that we can offer at a fixed price which is fair to everyone and we have decided the installation of Speedster is best left to the developer who has set up the rest of your website, since they know the history of existing installed components.

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    Review by Janay
    Good job!
    Although the Speedster doesn't optimize images like Amasty's speed optimizer, it's absolutely free. The functionality is pretty enough for me. Besides, with general technical skills, I managed to tool the module for my needs. (Posted on 24/08/2017)
    Review by PABLO
    Not possible to enable
    any ideas?

    Selftest failed with: Step 1 - OK
    Step 2 - OK
    Step 3 - OK
    Step 4 - OK
    Starting Fooman_Speedster_Model_Selftester
    Default store loaded
    Magento version:
    Speedster DB version: Not installed
    Speedster Config version: 3.0.14
    Checking file locations
    Checking rewrites
    Trying to load block Fooman_Speedster_Block_Page_Html_Head returns Potato_Compressor_Block_Page_Html_Head. Please refresh your Magento configuration cache and check
    if you have any conflicting extensions installed.
    Checking database
    Result: failure
    Self-test finished (Posted on 31/05/2015)
    Review by Amir
    Cannot install
    Hello ,

    OK, i have tried installing this with no success at all. It simply fails to enable the plugin. I have checked all the steps. The permissions are correct no issues there. It shows the http 4.0 error described in step 1 no problem, i can view the print.css file minified also.. However it keeps failing on self test with the following message:

    Selftest failed with: Step 1 - OK
    Unable to Connect to ssl://
    Starting Fooman_Speedster_Model_Selftester
    Default store loaded
    Magento version:
    Speedster DB version: Not installed
    Speedster Config version: 3.0.14
    Checking file locations
    Checking rewrites
    Checking database
    Result: success
    Self-test finished

    Could you kindly let me know how to fix this so I can use the extension? thanks in advance..

    Fooman Response:

    As per the error message (Unable to Connect to ssl:// - your site is currently unable to connect to itself. Please get in touch with your system admin or hosting company as they might be able to help (your php version might not have support for ssl enabled). (Posted on 5/03/2015)
    Review by Justin
    Failed on Enabling
    After successfully installing fooman, i cant enable it. Selftest failed with: Step 1 - OK
    Unable to Connect to tcp:// Error #111: Connection refused
    Unable to Connect to tcp:// Error #111: Connection refused
    Unable to Connect to tcp:// Error #111: Connection refused

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for your feedback. As per the error message that is displayed it would appear that your server cannot connect to itself to test that the minification takes place as expected. Please make sure your server can connect to itself (firewall, dns, http access restrictions could be in place).

    Fooman (Posted on 13/01/2015)
    Review by dung
    error after install
    after install this, enable ok,but in the backend , menu can't enter
    how to fix this? (Posted on 10/11/2013)
    Review by Tzvi
    Terrific Extension
    Did what its supposed to do. End of story. (Posted on 9/10/2013)
    Review by VeRaK
    Great! Thanks so much!
    Just updated to 3.0 Works great! Totally recommended! Just make sure you follow the guides!
    Note: Turn maintenance mode off before trying to enable the extension (Posted on 20/08/2013)
    Review by captaincaveman
    Installed it with no issues, work fine on (Posted on 11/09/2012)
    Review by outlander
    Followed the instructions clearlly, still messed up my store, ill try some other modules.

    (Posted on 4/09/2012)
    Review by seeinteriors
    Ok got it working, needed to change the file permission on root/skin/m from 777 to 755. (Posted on 22/08/2012)
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