Are you looking for trusted Magento extensions that won't let you down?

You can count on Fooman to deliver quality code and great after-sale support. When you've got clients waiting for projects and customers trying to order from your store, you don't have time for extension headaches.

About Fooman

Fooman are known for creating trusted Magento extensions to save you time and money. We're passionate about quality code and amazing support - without extension headaches.

Led by Kristof, a 3x Magento Master and Certified Developer Plus, Fooman are Magento Marketplace Partners with a decade of Magento experience.

What we stand for:

Quality code backed by amazing support

Developer friendly extensions that are also easy for store owners to use

Contributing to the Magento community

The Fooman Story

At Fooman we've been coding Magento extensions since 2008, right from the very first version of Magento. We are 100% dedicated to your success using our extensions, and are proud to be trusted by developers and store owners from over 160 countries worldwide.

Magento Marketplace
170,000+ downloads
30 day moneyback guarantee
10+ years of quality extensions

Developed & supported by our team of Magento enthusiasts

Kristof Ringleff
Lead Magento Developer
Magento Developer
Customer Support
Customer Support
Customer Support

Our customers

Fooman is proud to be trusted by developers and merchants from 160+ countries worldwide

trusted worldwide

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Wes Blundy

It is the service, support and dedication of Fooman that sets them apart from other extension makers

James Lickwar

Every product, every blog post. Kristof and his team continue to set the bar high for their products and support