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Email Attachments (Magento 1)

How to...

1. Customise the order pdf provided by Email Attachments
The order pdf is generated here: /app/code/community/Fooman/EmailAttachments/Model/Order/Pdf/Order.php.

The pdf closely matches the default Magento invoice pdf. Feel free to adjust this code to your needs.

For an easier option you might want to check out our commercial extension Pdf Customiser, which adds 65+ customisation options via the Magento backend and makes the customisation process a lot easier.
2. Hook into the email sending process with events
If you write your own extensions, you can hook into the email sending process with the following events:

• fooman_emailattachments_before_send_order
• fooman_emailattachments_before_send_invoice
• fooman_emailattachments_before_send_shipment
• fooman_emailattachments_before_send_creditmemo

The dispatch call looks like this:
		  'update'=> false,
		  'template' => $mailTemplate,
		  'object' => $this


1. Is Fooman Email Attachments multi store capable?
At this stage it's not possible to customise email attachments on per store level.
2. Can I use the extension with Magento Enterprise?
Currently there is no officially supported Enterprise version. Other customers have successfully used the community edition with Magento Enterprise - it's just that this has not yet been fully tested by us, and any Enterprise specific features won't be supported.

Installation and set up

1. How do I install the extension?
To install the extension, follow the steps in The Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions (there are no additional installation instructions specific to this extension).
2. How do I configure the backend settings?
Refer to the Fooman Email Attachments User Manual for screenshots and explanations of all settings.


1. Running the Email Attachments self test
A self test is available to check for basic issues associated with Fooman Email Attachments. To run the self test, go to System > Configuration > Fooman > Support.
2. Sales emails are not being sent
Please uninstall the extension completely. After this, check whether sales emails are being sent as intended (without the extension), and that your sales emails settings are configured correctly. Resolve any issues then reinstall Fooman Email Attachments.

If the issue persists, enable System > Configuration > Developer > Logs and check for any error messages in relation to the sending of emails. Also check your server's error log for any clues.
3. 'Payment Methods' is blank on the emailed PDF but not on the manually created PDF.
Unfortunately Magento only provides pdf templates in the admin context. If you are using the attach pdf to order email this email is sent in the frontend context resulting in an empty payment method block in the pdf. The easiest solution is to copy the templates from app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/payment/info/pdf to app/design/frontend/base/default/template/payment/info/pdf If your payment method comes with its own pdf template files these would need to be copied in a similar fashion.
4. Email Attachments error: system log message 2013-04-19T14:25:10+00:00 DEBUG (7): Looking for updates - Fooman EmailAttachments
Please update to the latest extension version. Once you update, this check for updates will no longer feature in any logs.


1. Where can I find support for Fooman Email Attachments?
Check out these resources to get the extension running:
• Installation or extension conflict issues? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions
• Run the self test to diagnose basic issues (go to System > Configuration > Fooman > Support)
• Check out our Help Centre FAQ’s
• Need help configuring the extension? Check out the Fooman Email Attachments User Manual
• Or report a suspected bug via Github. Before reporting a bug, please make sure that you can replicate the issue on Magento’s default theme (with no other extensions installed), to rule out any issues caused by extension/theme conflicts). We may contact you if we have an immediate fix or a workaround, but we can't always respond individually to every report that comes in.

This usually solves 95% of issues we receive. If an error still persists after following the troubleshooting advice above:
• Purchase a support package from our website
• Contact your regular Magento developer for assistance
• Alternatively, uninstall the extension

Disable or uninstall

1. How do I uninstall Fooman Email Attachments?
Delete all Fooman Email Attachments files/folders:

• app/code/community/Fooman/EmailAttachments/
• app/etc/modules/Fooman_EmailAttachments.xml
• All Fooman_EmailAttachments.csv translation files found in the folders under app/locale/