Quick Guide

  1. Step 1 Install Extension

    1. Unpack the downloaded zip file in your Magento root folder.
    2. Delete the contents of the /var/cache folder to force Magento to update its configuration (alternatively refresh the configuration cache in your Magento backend).
  2. Step 2 Prepare an SSL certificate for use with Xero

    1. Go to Fooman Connect > Xero - Orders
    2. Click the link to create a Private Key
    3. Click the new link to download the Public Key and save it on your computer
  3. Step 3 Setting up a new Application in Xero

    1. Open a new browser window and go to api.xero.com and login with your Xero login
    2. Choose to add a new application
    3. Choose "Private"
    4. Enter any information into Application Name
    5. Click Browse and select the file you have saved to your computer in Step 2 as a X509 certificate
    6. Click Save
  4. Step 4 Configuring Magento

    1. Go to System > Configuration > Fooman Connect
    2. Copy the Oauth Credentials Key to your Magento back-end (Consumer Key)
    3. Copy the Oauth Credentials Secret to your Magento back-end (Consumer Secret)
    4. Click Save Config
  5. Step 5 Finish setting up

    1. With the provided credentials Magento will now connect to Xero and retrieve information about your organisation.
    2. You can now configure Fooman Connect with your settings from Xero (Accounts and Tracking Options)
    3. Choose Enable - Yes
    4. Save Config
  6. Step 6 Map Tax Rates

    1. Go to Sales > Tax > Manage Tax Rates & Zones
    2. Go into each individual Tax Rate and choose the appropriate Xero Tax Rate from the dropdown It is important to map tax rates with the same effective tax rate.
    3. Click Save
  7. Step 7 Export your Orders Manually

    1. Go to Fooman Connect - Xero
    2. Click Process All Unexported Orders or tick the checkboxes next to individual orders and choose Process Selected from the Action dropdown menu and Submit
    3. Go to Xero and review the exported orders under draft invoices
  8. Step 8 Set up Automatic Exports

    1. Go to System > Configuration > Fooman Connect
    2. Choose Enable Automatic Exports - Yes
    3. Save Config

Open a new browser window and go

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