Fooman Connect: Xero (Monthly Service)

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    Automatically export Magento data to Xero

    Export Magento orders, customer data, items and credit notes to Xero. Simply log into Xero and all your Magento data is there. All that's left for you to do is to approve and reconcile the invoice or credit memo with bank, credit card or paypal payments in Xero.

    You’ll save hours of wasted time exporting data manually, and avoid errors from manual processes. This extension is a lifesaver as your sales volumes increase!

    Fine grained options put the control in your hands

    You control the automatic export process - choose which order status will trigger the export, and choose to manually export or exclude orders.

    It's an easy way to stay on top of your business financials.

    Easy customer record management

    Invoices are matched to existing customer records, and new customer records are automatically created.

    Track your Magento sales in Xero

    Use a tracking category for your online sales to easily run reports in Xero. Track how your online sales perform against other channels.

    Match different revenue streams to the appropriate Xero account (configurable on a per store or individual product level).

    Display Xero payments in Magento

    Once you have reconciled a payment in Xero, the payment will be displayed in Magento.

    This is a great way to streamline your accounting by keeping financial information up to date in both Magento and Xero.

    Currency and tax rate options

    Backend options give you control over things such as multiple currencies and tax rates.

    Choose to export orders in base currency or order currency. Use Xero tax rates in Magento to keep administration simple.

    Easy to use and convenient

    Fooman Connect is easy to configure, and you control the settings directly from your Magento backend. Unlike other integrations, there’s no fuss with logging in to another platform or wondering why you can’t see your settings directly in Magento. This convenience is what really makes our integration stand out.

    Fooman Connect is easy to set up with our comprehensive user documentation and video set up guide.

    Feature List

    This comprehensive and convenient integration is packed full of features:

    • Automatically export Magento orders, customer data, items and credit notes to Xero
    • Supports simple, configurable, bundled, grouped and virtual Magento products
    • Customer record matching and creation
    • Match different revenue streams on a per store and/or individual product level to appropriate Xero accounts
    • Use a tracking category for your Magento sales in Xero
    • Display payments recorded in Xero inside Magento
    • Multiple currency support - choose to export orders in base currency or order currency
    • Use Xero tax details in Magento – supports, GST, VAT and Xero custom tax rates
    • Choose which order status will trigger automatic export
    • Ability to manually export or exclude orders
    • Optionally allow Xero numbering to override Magento numbering
    • All data transfers are protected by secure, high grade 128/256-bit encryption
    • Great support to help you get set up and started

    Fooman is an official Xero network add on partner and a silver Magento technology partner. We only work with Magento, so you can be assured you’re getting a quality product from people who know Magento inside and out!

    About the Monthly Service Version

    Our most popular version of Fooman Connect, offering:

    • Easy pay as you go pricing
    • Unlimited access to new updates and features - always have access to the latest version at no additional cost
    • Supports up to 5,000 transactions per month
    • Limited ability to make changes to the code
    • No minimum sign up period - hassle free cancellation at any time
    • 30 day money back guarantee

    Check out which version is right for me? for a comparison with the License Purchase version of Fooman Connect.

    System Requirements

    To securely transfer your financial data, your php version must be able to support openssl. Most websites meet this requirement, but please ask your hosting company if in doubt.

    Customer Case Study

    Lero9 is a New Zealand based full service Ecommerce and B2B Digital Agency that partners with established retailers and emerging online brands to create unique results focused, custom solutions for Magento Commerce and WordPress.

    Lero9 often recommends Fooman Connect: Xero to clients using Magento and Xero. "As Magento Solution Partners who also use Xero first hand for our accounts, we customise a lot of online stores and therefore appreciate the high standard of workmanship behind Fooman's extensions", says Lero9's Robert Popovic.

    "We find Fooman's extension code well written and straightforward to customise whenever there is a requirement. Fooman is committed to supporting and continuously enhancing their extensions to ensure they are the best in their class. We are extremely confident in recommending Fooman extensions to our clients and are always impressed at how quickly Fooman responds to any support requests we have."

    What Other Customers Say

    “An amazing product with even more amazing after sales service. With near to 2 years’ experience with using this product and supplier, I can strongly recommend to others... the product just works; the supplier knows what it means to respect the customer and supply world class service whilst remaining approachable and friendly.”

    - collinsricki, via Magento Connect

    “This extension works amazing with Magento and Xero. A fantastic way of automating your business process. Great support from Fooman to get this working for my website. Thanks!”

    - Mohamedali, via Magento Connect

  • License License for 1 Magento Installation (including multi store setup)
    Stability stable
    Supported Magento Versions (full feature set),,,,,,,,,,,, 1.9.1, 1.9.2
    Supported Magento 2 Versions N/A
    Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) No
    Supported Magento Enterprise Versions No
    Change Log 1.1 Initial Xero API v2 release
    1.2 Added Use Xero Numbers, Credit Note Prefix and Start Date for Orders/Credit Memos settings
    1.4 Serial number equipped to run Fooman Connect. Added Refund Account and Item Details settings
    2.0 More multi store support, wider support for custom totals, discounts are now shown as discount percentage on line items in Xero, either map order or invoices to Xero invoices depending on your workflow
    2.1. Display Xero error messages directly, use transport object on event dispatch, tracking category by customer gorup, various smaller fixes
  • To install the extension, follow the steps in The Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions.

    Please note that successful installation of this extension requires a moderate knowledge of website maintenance. Alternatively, we can install the extension for you. Simply choose this as an additional service when ordering the extension, or order installation separately if you have already purchased your extension license.

    Set Up and Documentation

    Watch the set up video:

    The Set Up Guide and User Manual expands on the steps shown in the video, providing more detailed instructions on how to set up Fooman Connect.

    Extension Updates

    The monthly subscription option offers unlimited free updates to the Fooman Connect: Xero extension. When a new version is released, the file will be available to download from your account on the Fooman website, under “My Downloadable Products”.


    View FileThe Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions
    View FileSet Up Guide and User Manual - Fooman Connect Xero
  • Below, you can find answers to questions you might have about the extension functionality, and common questions asked by customers before they purchase the extension.

    Do you have a general question (eg. about licensing or your account), or a specific troubleshooting issue? Check out our Help Centre.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the system requirements for running Fooman Connect: Xero?
    To securely transfer your financial data, your php version must be able to support openssl. Most websites meet this requirement, but please ask your hosting company if in doubt. Your hosting solution for Magento should also be adequate. Typically, cheaper shared/low specification hosting solutions have very low limits which don't allow enough time to connect to Xero and process data.

    Do you offer a free trial?
    We don't offer a free trial at this stage, but rest assured that Fooman Connect: Xero is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. This allows you to test it out on your own store, trial all the settings and evaluate how it's working for you.

    If it you're not happy for any reason at all, just let us know and we will send a full refund back onto your credit card. Let us know if you need a little more time to evaluate the extension - we're happy to extend the money back period with prior agreement.

    Is Fooman Connect: Xero right for my store?
    Xero is designed to support volumes of up to 1,000 sales invoices and 1,000 purchases/bills per month (click for more information).

    Like Xero, Fooman Connect is optimised for small to medium sized online stores. Transfers from your Magento store to Xero are additionally subject to Xero's limit of 60 requests per minute. As this limit comes form Xero directly, it's not specific to Fooman Connect and also applies to other Magento-Xero integrators.

    Are there any known conflicts between Fooman Connect: Xero and other Magento extensions?
    There are no known conflicts.

    Do you support the new tracked inventory feature in Xero?
    Currently Xero does not yet offer full support for any 3rd party (like Fooman Connect) to integrate with the new tracked inventory feature. This can be problematic when tracked inventory is turned on for an item but you do not have sufficient stock on hand for an online order (for example if you allow backorders from your website or you only order stock once you have received an order). Such invoices would get rejected by Xero as it wouldn’t have enough stock. Until Xero adds additional functionality to their 3rd party interface there is not much we can do to affect the stock quantity and would suggest keeping tracked inventory turned off if the above is likely in your business. Please also see Xero’s comments here on what it doesn’t support.

    Is there a discount if I swap from my monthly subscription to the License Purchase version of Fooman Connect?
    Yes - if after using Fooman Connect for several months you decide to swap to the License Purchase option, we will credit the monthly charges you have paid towards the cost of the full purchase price, to a maximum of 6 months credit. This allows you to try out Fooman Connect in your own time before investing in the license purchase.

    Can I use Fooman Connect to export existing Magento orders, customer data, items and credit notes to Xero?
    Yes - you can manually export existing Magento orders, customer data, items and credit notes to Xero that were in your store prior to using Fooman Connect.

    Is Fooman Connect: Xero suitable for multi store set ups?
    Fooman Connect: Xero links your Magento store to one Xero account, and maps all multi store websites to this account.

    Is there any way to reconcile orders automatically?
    Manual reconciliation is the only way to guarantee 100% accuracy, so automatic reconciliation is not supported by Fooman Connect. There is no 'safe' way of automating reconciliation without producing errors - for example with credit card payments, Magento does not recognise if you get a daily payout, what the split is between different card types, and how long the payment delay is.

    Can I export Purchase Order Numbers from Magento to Xero?
    If you are using the Magento default payment method for the purchase orders the purchase order number entered by the customer will appear as the reference on the invoice in Xero.

    Can I customise the extension code?
    The code of the license purchase version of Fooman Connect is fully customisable. It is also possible to make limited customisations to the monthly subscription version of Fooman Connect – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    What additional features from external extensions are integrated?

    Rentals We have recently added support for integrating with SalesIgniter's Magento rental booking software.

    Surcharges Fooman Connect: Xero is compatible with our Surcharge extension and the surcharge will be carried over to Xero as a separate line item

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    Review by richard5
    This is a great extension if you use Xero. We have had a couple of issues over the last year but neither was caused by the extension itself and Kristof from Fooman has promptly responded with extra info to help us solve these issues. (Posted on 2/02/13)
    Review by Lyle
    Awesome, just plain awesome!
    What a fantastic extension, worked straight out of the box without hassle, and Kristof replied straight away with a question I had. You won't go wrong purchasing this product! (Posted on 23/01/13)
    Review by collinsricki
    An amazing product with even more amazing after sales service. With near to 2 years’ experience with using this product and supplier i can strongly recommend to others. It’s the after sales support you will appreciate the most because the product just works; the supplier knows what it means to respect the customer and supply world class service whilst remaining approachable and friendly. (Posted on 23/11/12)
    Review by Mohamedali
    This extension works amazing with magento and xero. A fanastic way of automating your business process. Great support from Fooman to get this working for my website. Thanks! (Posted on 23/11/12)
    4 Item(s)

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