Fooman Same Order Invoice Number (Magento 2)

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    Consistent order, invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers

    By default, Magento assigns a separate number to orders and related documents (invoices, shipments and credit memos). Once installed, this extension ensures that when a new invoice, shipment or credit memo is created, it will always take the same number as the associated order.

    For example, for order #1000, the associated invoice would be #1000, the shipment #1000, and the credit memo also #1000. This is a simple and popular approach for tidy record keeping and easy document identification.

    Automatic duplicate separation

    In the event of multiple invoices, shipments or credit memos associated with the same order, a duplicate separator will be used.

    For example, the first invoice would be #1000, the second #1000-1, the third #1000-2, and so on.

    Feature List

    • New invoices, shipments and credit memos are automatically assigned the same number as the related order
    • Automatic duplicate separation in the event of multiple invoices, shipments and/or credit memos associated with the same order
    • Does not change any historical data - only future invoices, credit memos and shipments will be changed
  • License Open Software License (OSL)
    Stability Stable
    Supported Magento Versions (full feature set) Not Applicable
    Supported Magento 2 Versions 2.0, 2.1.0
    Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) Not Applicable
    Supported Magento Enterprise Versions Not Applicable
    Change Log [2.0.5] 2016-05-30 Fixed Update functional tests to work with 2.1.0-rc1
    [2.0.4] 2016-05-24 Fixed Widen Dependency Definition to work with 2.1.0
    [2.0.3] 2016-04-03 Changed Move dependencies in right location in composer.json Add integration tests
    [2.0.2] - 2016-02-10 Fixes resource_ids updated to work with new Magento Core module names
    [2.0.1] - 2015-12-15 Fixes registration.php was missing from autoload
    [2.0.0] - 2015-12-08 Changed Change project folder structure to src/ and tests/
    [1.0.3] - 2015-12-06 Added Initial release for Magento 2
  • To install the extension, follow the steps in the User Manual.

    Please note that successful installation of this extension requires a moderate knowledge of website maintenance. Alternatively, we can install the extension for you - simply choose this as an additional service when ordering the extension.


    View FileFooman Same Invoice Order Number - M2 User Manual
    View FileInstallation Instructions - Fooman Same Order Invoice Number M2
  • Below, you can find answers to questions you might have about the extension functionality, and common questions asked by customers before they purchase the extension.

    Do you have a general question (eg. about licensing or your account), or a specific troubleshooting issue? Check out our Help Centre.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find support for Fooman Same Order Invoice Number (M2)?
    Check out these resources to get the extension running:
    • Need help configuring the extension? Check out the Fooman Same Order Invoice Number User Manual
    • Or report a suspected bug via Github. Before reporting a bug, please make sure that you can replicate the issue on Magento’s default theme (with no other extensions installed), to rule out any issues caused by extension/theme conflicts). We may contact you if we have an immediate fix or a workaround, but we can't always respond individually to every report that comes in.

    This usually solves 95% of issues we receive. If an error still persists after following the troubleshooting advice above:
    • Purchase a support package from our website
    • Contact your regular Magento developer for assistance
    • Alternatively, uninstall the extension

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