Fooman Pdf Customiser

    • Market leading Magento pdf customisation

      Thousands of Magento stores trust Fooman Pdf Customiser to quickly and easily customise Magento Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo pdf documents.

      The extension features quality code by a Magento Certified Developer Plus, integrates with Magento's themes and is compatible with a wide range of popular Magento extensions.

      Flexible, good looking pdfs

      Easily create professional, user friendly Magento pdfs with 65+ custom options in the backend. Choose from 2 ready-to-use template designs in the backend, or create your own custom design by modifying the html template files.

      Add your company logo, product images and detailed product attribute information. Change page margins and fonts, add custom information, digitally sign pdfs, add detailed tax information and more (see full feature list below).

      Improve your store's efficiency

      Clever features save you time. Use integrated address labels on invoice and shipment pdfs to simplify shipping. Add SKU barcodes for more accurate warehouse packing. Allow customers to download invoice, shipment and credit memo pdfs from the frontend.

      Create a new "Order Confirmation" pdf for easy order management. You can even print the order as packing slip, to bypass the standard work flow (eliminates “there are no printable documents related to selected orders” errors!).

      Email friendly pdf attachments

      Automatically attach your customised pdf files to sales emails. Pdf file sizes are automatically optimised with file size reduction of up to 90%.

      Detailed tax settings

      Custom options give you the flexibility to include tax information required by your country or local jurisdiction.

      Add business and customer tax numbers. Plus, unlike default Magento pdfs, Pdf Customiser honours your settings to display order totals as tax inclusive or exclusive.

      Easy to use

      Easily customise pdfs in minutes from the Magento backend - without technical knowledge.

      The extension has been tested by users with basic Magento knowledge and was given a thumbs up for being easy to use.

      Developer friendly

      If the 65+ backend options aren't enough, it's easy to make advanced customisations by editing the extension's template files or the developer friendly extension code.Customise pdfs with .phtml templates, without having to deal with Zend_Pdf.

      Feature List

      Layout/design options:

      • Choose from 2 flexible layout options in the backend
      • Customise page margins
      • Choose A4 or letter page sizes
      • Change the font size
      • Choose from system fonts (Times New Roman, Helvetica, Courier, Arial Chinese/Korean/Japanese), Dejavu fonts, or upload your own font
      • Further layout customisations can also be achieved by theming the *.phtml files that come with Pdf Customiser (this is not done via the backend - basic html/Magento theming knowledge is required)


      Add the following to pdfs:

      • Company logo (different placement options available)
      • Background images (eg. company letterhead)
      • Store address
      • Customer billing, shipping and/or email addresses
      • Base and/or order currency
      • Delivery date (invoice only)
      • Order history with comments
      • Gift messages
      • Customer order comments added by a range of 3rd party extensions (check out the FAQ for details)
      • Order number (can also be displayed as a barcode)
      • Integrated labels with billing and/or shipping addresses (for invoice and shipment pdfs)
      • Footers
      • Custom text (eg. customer number, discount code for next order, marketing message...)


      Product options:

      • Display up to five product attributes (options include product image, SKU barcode, item weight and dozens of custom attributes)
      • Control the product attribute display order
      • Choose to replace coupon codes with the promotion name
      • Display product surcharges created by Fooman Surcharge


      Tax settings:

      • Add business and/or customer tax numbers
      • Include tax information required by your country or local jurisdiction
      • Honours your settings to display order totals as tax inclusive or exclusive (unlike default Magento pdfs)


      Additional features:

      • Change the title and control the file name of each pdf document
      • Automatically attach customised pdf files to sales emails (file size reduction of up to 90%)
      • Adds new Order Confirmation pdf document type
      • Control the order of totals (subtotal, discount, tax, shipping costs etc)
      • Bypass the standard work flow order to print packing slips before shipping
      • Digitally sign pdfs for extra security
      • Customers can download customised pdf documents from the frontend, even when not logged in
      • Choose to open pdfs in a new browser window
      • Multi store capable


      Want to create a pdf picking list to speed up your order packing? Check out our add-on to Pdf Customiser, Pdf Picking List.

      For more information, check out the demo store. Please note the above feature list applies to the version listed as supported on the Details tab.

      What Our Customers Say

      “We wanted a way to improve Magento's default PDFs without having to modify code & this extension is brilliant. We now have great looking packing docs with logos and legible type. The developer has really thought of everything – everything can be done easily through the admin console. It also has support for integrated labels - it's all built in and configured, all you have to do is tick a a box to turn it on. I can't recommend this highly enough - support was 1st class as well”

      - frank265, via Magento Connect

      “This is the best PDF customizing type extension available. Having the added benefit of automatically e-mailing the PDFs to customers on order, shipment, credit memo, invoicing, etc. Great stuff. Perfect install, smooth operation and customizing in 1.6.1”

      - tandylacker, via Magento Connect

      “This brilliant extension did wonders for our order confirmation, invoices and delivery notes printouts. We also received great support from Kristoff. Every Magento install should have this extension”

      - GP Supplies, via Magento Connect

      “Great extension, installed smoothly and customer support was lightening fast when I asked how to remove the Telephone line in the US address format. I'd recommend PDF Customiser to anyone and it does Integrated Labels right out of the box! Now all I have to do is peel off the parcel label and stick it on the package. Thanks Kristof for the great (affordable) extensions and excellent service”

      - WebBod, via Magento Connect

      “One, two, three... As simple, as that. In fact, it was the easiest and most instantly-working extension, I have ever installed, although I was a bit terrified, since we are working on a Magento platform for a client, that has a lot of custom work, on a custom theme (and those who know, custom works can produce many bugs, with modules that are build to run only on base themes). Sum Up: Definitely worth the money. And keep an eye on Fooman, as they deliver outstanding extensions”

      - frankanton, via Magento Connect

      “The extension works perfectly. Essential to our business”

      - ALM72, via Magento Connect

      “This extension is very well done, and I received a perfect support. In my scenario I'm using the extension so that I can print the invoices including the barcode of each item in the order. The guys organizing the shipments receive the invoice with the barcodes, they can scan the barcodes, pick up the items, pack and send them including the invoice”

      - michele_benvenuti, via Magento Connect

      Customer Case Study

      Amazing Mixed Media Minds creates offline and online communication for a range of clients in The Netherlands.

      "We recommend the Fooman extensions we use", says Amazing. "Pdf Customiser offers a better layout than the default Magento option, as well as more control over what is shown in the PDF documents."

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      All extensions include free updates for 12 months

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      Open Source Code

      Open Source Code

      Our code is 100% open source and unencrypted. Easily add your own customisations

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      Our friendly team provides expert product support and troubleshooting

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      One license per Magento installation, including multi store setups and test sites. Easy!

    • License License for 1 Magento Installation (including multi store setup)
      Stability Stable
      Supported Magento Versions (full feature set),,,,,,,,,,, 1.9.1, 1.9.2
      Supported Magento 2 Versions No
      Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) Not Applicable
      Supported Magento Enterprise Versions No
      Change Log 1.0.0+ First release
      1.0.7+ Added option to digitally sign pdf
      1.1.0+ Added order settings
      1.1.5+ Added option to display quantity as a full number
      1.1.10+ Added option to display delivery date, base and order currency
      1.1.11+ Added option to print order history with comments Added integrated labels setting Added footer blocks and option to print order as packing slip Added option to display total weight Added option to display background image Added logo placement options Added option to display weight unit and email address Added option to display only one grand total and row total including tax Added option to display detailed tax summary
      1.5.6+ Added option to display page number
      2.0.0+ Added option to display Pdf in new window, developer bonuses (theme support and {{}} commands), option to display columns and advanced columns
      2.0.5+ Added option to display background on only first page
      2.1.4+ Added custom attribute column
      2.1.12+ Added option to upload custom font and include barcode type
      2.3.0+ Added Pdf Totals Sort Order setting and option to customise item sorting by column
      2.3.4 fix agreement pdf creation
      2.3.5 spacing on product column changed, compatibility with TM checkout fields and fire checkout order comments
      2.3.6 added workaround for missing Mage translations
      2.3.7 EmailAttachments can now attach any custom uploaded pdf file
      2.3.8. fix for custom totals and aitoc product options filter
      2.3.9. update template files with example for indented address
      2.3.10 compatibility to EM Delete Order extension
      2.3.11 add an alternative layout option, add qty_backordered column, fix aitoc options check, suppress footers when using integrated labels capability
      2.4.0 update tcpdf to 5.9.202, change rowtotal/subtotal column headings to match more closely Magento's output
      2.4.1 TBT_Rewards does not quite work the same as other totals - provide a workaround, suppress custom totals with zero amount
      2.4.2 Add option to use custom integrated label layouts
      2.4.4 Add option to display promotion name on invoice instead of coupon code
      2.4.5 fix pagebreaks in footer, fix template processor for agreements
      2.4.7 various locale updates
      2.4.10 add image fallback mechanism
      2.5.0 add templates for items
      2.5.1 update pdf library
      2.5.2 add template for footer and shipping, include new selftest, fixes for multiple tax rate summaries
      2.5.3 also remove discount from rowtotal when displayed tax incl., add setting to display order number as barcode
      2.6.0 adjust controllers - provides naming, allow guests to print pdfs, fixed product tax column support
      2.6.1 update hebrew locale, add basic support for displaying product taxes (weee), add support for multiselect values, for virtual orders do not display shipping boxes, add klarnaPaymentModule invoice fee support
      2.6.2 add support for MSP_CashOnDelivery, fix spacing between tables/pdf parts
      2.6.3 fix don't display zero tax totals twice when using grand totals
      2.6.4 updated finnish locale
      2.6.7 add support for
      2.7.0 better integration of Pdf Customiser print actions
      2.7.1 new columns: item status, detailed quantity
      2.7.2 use magento's discount description, fix pagebreak with active footers, integrated labels and multiple pages, library update
      2.7.4 handle cases where getAmount returns unexpected results for custom pdf totals
      2.7.6 subtotal/rowtotal align with Magento terminology, allow both to be tax exclusive, send separate packing slip email on orders, add support for amasty order attributes
      2.7.7 footer and shipment templates are now passed by template processor
      2.7.8 fix missing shipping description in case the description contains > or <
      2.7.9 support MW_Onestepcheckout comments, even spacing in bottom.phtml
      2.7.10 only use Magemaven Order helper when extension is in use, handle multiple amasty order attributes properly
      2.7.12 fix qty on packing slip if bundle (fixed price + not shipped separately)
      2.7.14 make display of shipping tax total configurable, keep image processing folders under media
      2.7.15 make pdf object available in footer
      2.7.16 support cash on delivery in tax summary
      2.7.17 latest fooman common module
      2.7.18 Update to latest TCPDF
      2.8. updates to tax retrieval to support newer Magento versions, updated tcpdf library, minor template file changes
      2.8.1 fix template for bundle options
      2.8.2 split controller for more granular ACL control
      2.8.3 add compatibility with MageWorx Extended Orders
      2.8.4 add page orientation setting (allow printing in landscape mode)
      2.8.5 prefer Magento order tax summary as this is more likely to be correct
      2.8.6 combine template logic
      2.8.7 update tcpdf library
      2.8.8 more barcode options
      2.8.9 make sure the payment method instance is operating in the correct store
      2.8.10 don't subset fonts by default due to iOS preview = bigger files
      2.9.0 bring bundle template in line with other items, updated template files
      2.9.1 fallback to default store if trying to print pdfs for deleted stores, avoid name clash on print buttons,get separate template model for each email
      2.9.2 add workaround for Magestore WebPOS, fix for getOrderItem
      2.9.3 updated Swedish locale
      2.9.4 use tile for attachment file names
      2.9.6 add combined invoice and shipping printing option
      2.9.7 added print from alternative store feature
      2.9.8 option details now in template file for bundles
      2.10.0 move price formatting into templates, added display Shipping Number as Barcode and Display Tracking Number as Barcode
      2.10.6 fix Not valid template file:adminhtml/base/default/template/payment/info/pdf/default.phtml
      2.10.8 fix payment block fallback
      2.10.9 fix product options
      2.10.11 small currency fixes
      2.10.12 flat catalog improvement
      2.10.14 prevent double comment from Magemaven order comments
      2.10.15 add qty shipped column, fix logic on is base_amount isset test
      2.10.17 fix xml declaration
      2.10.18 utf-8 encoding for html email attachments
      2.10.19 add Turkish locale, deal with Cash On Deliver fee, allow printing of product category
      2.10.20 add EAN13 barcode validation
      2.10.22 updated norwegian locale
      2.10.23 support order email queing
      2.10.24 include latest EmailAttachments
      2.11.3 Update to latest TCPDF
      2.11.9 include latest EmailAttachments
    • Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions and Fooman Pdf Customiser User Manual and follow the installation steps.

      Please note that successful installation of this extension requires a moderate knowledge of website maintenance. Alternatively, we can install the extension for you. Simply choose this as an additional service when ordering the extension, or order installation separately if you have already purchased your extension license.


      Download the Fooman Pdf Customiser User Manual to learn about the features and customisation options available to get the most out of this great extension.

      Extension Updates

      Free updates are available for 12 months after your initial purchase. When a new version is released, the file will be available to download from your account on the Fooman website, under “My Downloadable Products”.


      View FileThe Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions
      View FileUser Manual - Fooman Pdf Customiser
    • Below, you can find answers to questions you might have about the extension functionality, and common questions asked by customers before they purchase the extension.

      Do you have a general question (eg. about licensing or your account), or a specific troubleshooting issue? Check out our Help Centre.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which languages are supported? How do translations work?
      Translations (complete or partial) are available for the following languages:

      • Arabic (82% complete)
      • Catalan (61% complete)
      • Chinese (simplified) (78% complete)
      • Croatian (74% complete)
      • Czech (55% complete)
      • Danish (98% complete)
      • Dutch (98% complete)
      • Estonia (61% complete)
      • Farsi (68% complete)
      • Finnish (95% complete)
      • French (97% complete)
      • German (100% complete)
      • Greek (64% complete)
      • Hebrew (98% complete)
      • Italian (31% complete)
      • Japanese (70% complete)
      • Korean (78% complete)
      • Latvian (60% complete)
      • Lithuanian (82% complete)
      • Norwegian (82% complete)
      • Norwegian (Bokmal) (55% complete)
      • Polish (76% complete)
      • Portuguese (Brazilian) (55% complete)
      • Romanian (45% complete)
      • Russian (66% complete)
      • Slovak (78% complete)
      • Slovenian (64% complete)
      • Spanish (74% complete)
      • Swedish (74% complete)
      • Thai (35% complete)

      If you use base Magento in a language other than English, then translation files will work automatically for Fooman Pdf Customiser. The following will be automatically translated to your store's language (where an up-to-date translation is available):

      • Fooman Pdf Customiser extension backend settings
      • Order, invoice, shipment and credit memo pdf documents generated using Fooman Pdf Customiser

      Pdf Customiser reuses existing terms from default Magento to minimise the need for translations. The Pdf Customiser specific translations can be found under app/locale/xx_YY/Fooman_PdfCustomiser.csv

      Please get in touch with us if you are interested in completing any of these translations. In return, you will receive a free (if translation status less than 60% complete) or half price (if translation status more than 60% complete) copy of Fooman Pdf Customiser.

      Is Pdf Customiser multi store capable?
      Pdf Customiser is fully multi store capable - simply configure different settings for each store set up.

      Can I add customer comments to the pdf?
      Fooman Pdf Customiser is compatible with the order comments entered by the customer as provided by a range of third party extensions, including Biebersdorf OrderComment, OneStepCheckout, TM Checkout fields, Aitoc Checkout fields, Magemaven OrderComment, FME Fields Manager, FME Quick Checkout, MW One Step Checkout, Amasty Order Attributes, Fire Checkout Customer Comment and Hello themes checkout comment.

      If you are using one of these extensions, customer order comments will appear automatically on the pdfs generated by Fooman Pdf Customiser.

      Are there any known conflicts between Pdf Customiser and other Magento extensions?
      There are several conflicts between Pdf Customiser and other Magento extensions. Refer to the Help Centre for more information about known conflicts and workarounds. Generally, we don't recommend that you run the extension together with other pdf extensions that rewrite Magento pdf objects.

      Can I customise pdf documents for gift purchases?
      Of course! The default setting is not to display pricing information on the packing slip. If a customer entered a gift message for the order, this will also display automatically on the packing slip (adding gift messages on the invoice pdf is also possible with a small code modification - contact us for details). Individual gift messages/notes (per item) appear on all pdf documents.

      Can I include the customer tax number on pdf documents?
      Yes. If the customer tax number is entered during checkout, this will be shown as part of the billing address by default.

      Do I need to download and install the Fooman Email Attachments extension separately?
      There's no need - the Email Attachments extension will automatically be installed when installing Pdf Customiser. If you have previously installed Email Attachments, please uninstall it prior to installing Pdf Customiser.

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      Review by salsero35
      A very great extension with a good support! (Posted on 9/12/15)
      Review by Rowan
      Really adds some much needed functionality to the default invoicing system. The team were very helpful when I required some support in customising the PDFs and went above and beyond expectations.

      Highly recommend this extension and provider! (Posted on 26/09/15)
      Review by Lars
      Does exactly what it says
      Extension does exactly what it says. Install without any problems. Had to make some changes, with the help of Fooman the changes worked like a charm! (Posted on 14/07/15)
      Review by Andy
      Great plugin and fantastic support
      We've been using this on our Magento CE1.7 for a few years and it's worked perfectly. We recently required some custom development to include the address on the bottom left of the PDF and they handled all of this for us, making the changes we needed. They completed the work very quickly and exactly as we needed so great support. (Posted on 14/04/15)
      Review by Shannon
      Exactly what I was looking for
      I bought another pdf extension (that cost more than this one) and it was garbage. So I switched to Fooman Pdf and am positively glad that I did. It is exactly what I was looking for, an easy to use, clean customizable pdf. Great job with this extension! (Posted on 3/12/14)
      Review by Rob
      Does what they advertise
      Very easy to use and customize! We wanted the default module customized, and even that wasn't a problem, quick and easy support! (Posted on 28/11/14)
      Review by Sergio
      works exactlly that description says
      The extension works great out of the box. We need to contact with the support because we use special things and need a little modification. The fooman suppor fix it very fast and provide me a detailed information of the code and files modified.
      Thank you so much for your excellent support! (Posted on 14/10/14)
      Review by bond media
      Greatest PDF Extention Known to Man!
      Not only is this the best extension to customise the invoice PDF the support is amazing and extremely quick! I highly recommend this company. (Posted on 6/10/14)
      Review by Thorwald
      Great product, great service and support!
      Easy to install, easy to use. Finally I'm truly satisfied with the emails + pdf's we send out. Running into a small glitch the guys form Fooman helped out in a great way, turned out it didn't have anything to do with the extension at all. Great product, great support!! (Posted on 24/09/14)
      Review by Veronika
      Quick support
      Great en quick support.
      Easy installation! (Posted on 7/09/14)
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