Fooman Same Invoice Order Number

    • Consistent order, invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers

      By default, Magento assigns a separate number to orders and related documents (invoices, shipments and credit memos). Once installed, this extension ensures that when a new invoice, shipment or credit memo is created, it will always take the same number as the associated order.

      For example, for order #1000, the associated invoice would be #1000, the shipment #1000, and the credit memo also #1000. This is a simple and popular approach for tidy record keeping and easy document identification.

      Automatic duplicate separation

      In the event of multiple invoices, shipments or credit memos associated with the same order, a duplicate separator will be used.

      For example, the first invoice would be #1000-1, the second #1000-2, the third #1000-3, and so on.

      Feature List

      • New invoices, shipments and credit memos are automatically assigned the same number as the related order
      • Automatic duplicate separation in the event of multiple invoices, shipments and/or credit memos associated with the same order
      • Does not change any historical data - only future invoices, credit memos and shipments will be changed

      Want to take it further? Our Fooman Order Number Customer extension provides the ability to fully customise order, invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers using any combination of letters, numbers and dates.

    • License Open Software License (OSL)
      Stability Stable
      Supported Magento Versions (full feature set),,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1.9.1
      Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) 1.2.0,,,, 1.2.1,,, 1.3.0, 1.3.1,, 1.3.2,,,,,,,
      Supported Magento Enterprise Versions No
      Change Log 2.0.6 compatibilty with Magento 1.6. prevent duplicates is now mandatory
      2.0.1 compatibilty with Magento 1.4.1 - added option to add suffix in case of multiple invoices,shipments, creditmemos per order
      1.0.4 potential fix for no invoice number for payment gateways like authorize and sagepay (thanks to thaddeusmt)
      1.0.3 fixed int to string conversion for prefixed invoice number (hosted credit cards)
      1.0.2 optional prefixes for invoice, shipment and creditmemo numbers
      1.0.1 fixed issue for hosted payment gateway solutions - SQL constaint
      1.0.0 Initial Release
    • To install the extension, follow the steps in The Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions and the Fooman Same Invoice Order Number User Manual.

      Please note that successful installation of this extension requires a moderate knowledge of website maintenance. Alternatively, we can install the extension for you - simply choose this as an additional service when ordering the extension.


      View FileThe Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions
      View FileUser Manual - Fooman Same Invoice Order Number
    • Below, you can find answers to questions you might have about the extension functionality, and common questions asked by customers before they purchase the extension.

      Do you have a general question (eg. about licensing or your account), or a specific troubleshooting issue? Check out our Help Centre.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Where can I find support for the Community version of Fooman Same Invoice Order Number?
      For troubleshooting, please:

      • Follow the installation instructions in The Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions and Fooman Same Invoice Order Number Instructions
      • Ensure that you are not running any conflicting extensions

      This usually solves 95% of issues we receive. If an error still persists after following the troubleshooting advice above, please contact your Magento developer or disable the extension. Alternatively, you can purchase our professional installation service (select when downloading Fooman Same Order Invoice Number).

      Feel free to contact us to report any suspected bugs with the extension, however please note that we are unable to provide individual support or troubleshooting advice.

      Is Same Invoice Order Number multi store capable?
      Same Invoice Order Number is fully multi store capable - simply configure different settings for each store set up.

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      Review by MT
      Works perfectly on CE 1.8
      Perfect! Thank you Fooman. (Posted on 10/10/13)
      Review by Jesse
      Works Perfectly
      Working perfectly on didn't have'to modify or edit to work.. Thanks alot! (Posted on 5/08/13)
      Review by Ruud
      Works perfectly
      Downloaded it, read instructions, installed it, tested it: Works Great!

      Thanks for this extension. (Posted on 24/04/13)
      Review by twick100
      I am using magento 1.6.1. I have used this extension before (older version) to fix a paypal problem that was causing an error. Exception' with message 'Wrong order ID: "200000016".

      Well upon completion it is not actually changing the invoice number like it used to. (Posted on 8/09/12)
      Response from Fooman
      This button has been removed in more recent versions since this now needs to be enabled by default. (Posted on 8/08/12)
      Review by darkless

      This is working great for orders created from the Magento website, BUT I am also use the M2E extension for syncing with Ebay. All the orders which are being imported from Ebay are using the invoices numbers following on from the out of sync ones, not the order number. Has anyone else got this issue and if they have do you have an idea as to what to do to fix this??

      Dave (Posted on 7/03/12)
      Review by SouthernSpring
      Flawless install on
      Like others have said, if your getting a 404 on the config page, log out and back in. (Posted on 25/02/12)
      Review by hanka2
      1.6.2 not working with this extension. Thanks (Posted on 23/02/12)
      Review by hanka2
      Not for me :-( here is broken link 404 when you click on left-nav URL "Order numbers". Thanks (Posted on 23/02/12)
      Review by arturgrig
      worked perfectly! Thanks Footman :)

      Installation Directions for 1.5.1:
      Go to Configure - Magento Connect - Magento Connect Manager - Paste the extension URL - click "Install" - wait for the prompt - click "Refresh" - DONE! (Posted on 1/02/12)
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