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    Automatically link Magento and Vend

    Fooman Connect provides a two way integration of product and inventory data between Xero and Vend (including stock levels).

    Stay on top of your business by streamlining inventory management, and save hours of wasted time spent syncing data manually.

    Fine grained options put the control in your hands

    You control the import/export process. Choose to import/export automatically in real time (eg. on sale or on product change), to run on a schedule (eg. daily import/export), or to import/export manual.

    Easy to use

    Set up and control the export process all from your Magento backend - no separate logins or interfaces required.

    Fooman Connect is easy to set up with our comprehensive user documentation and video set up guide.

    All data transfers are protected by secure, high grade encryption.

    How it Works

    Feature List

    • Two way integration of product data, inventory data and stock levels
    • Supports simple and configurable Magento products (in Vend terminology, 'products' and 'products with variants')
    • Choose from three import/export options: automatic real time (eg. on sale or on product change), automatic scheduled (eg. daily), or manual
    • Data transfers protected by secure, high grade SSL encryption
    • Integrates with a single Vend outlet
    • Import and export functions work directly from your Magento backend – no separate logins
    • Comprehensive user documentation
    • Suitable for small to medium Magento stores (processing time is 1-2 products per second)
    • Free updates
    • Covered by our 30 day money back guarantee

    The following data is mapped between Magento and Vend:

    • Product name
    • Product description
    • Product ID
    • Price
    • Cost
    • Inventory
    • Notify for quantity below (Magento) < > Re-order point (Vend)
    • SKU (Magento) < > SKU and Handle (Vend)
    • Status (Magento) < > Active/inactive (Vend)
    • Category (Magento) < > Tags (Vend)
    • Product tax class (Magento) < > Tax class ID (Vend)
    • Configurable product attributes (Magento) < > Variant attributes (Vend)


    • Values in pricebooks are not currently supported by Fooman Connect: Vend
    • For future development please add your votes and requirements to this forum. Votes will influence which features will be implemented next
    • The current version of Fooman Connect: Vend is marked as a beta release. See the FAQ's for more details

  • License License for 1 Magento Installation (including multi store setup)
    Stability beta
    Supported Magento Versions (full feature set),,,,,,,,,,
    Supported Magento 2 Versions No
    Legacy Magento Version Support (reduced feature set) No
    Supported Magento Enterprise Versions No
    Change Log 1.0.0 Initial release
    1.0.3 Added support for Magento configurable products and Vend products with variants
    1.0.4 Added automatic scheduled export/import option and ability to update Vend product cost
    1.1.0 Added two way real time integration (Vend-Magento import) and ability to update Vend on product change
    1.1.1 Update manual link
    1.1.2 Process item on back order status
    1.2.10 Bug fix - manual importing process works differently now queues the import instead of being processed immediately. "Reset Vend Information in Magento" and "Delete All Products in Vend" settings moved to debug mode only.
  • To install the extension, follow the steps in The Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions.

    Please note that successful installation of this extension requires a moderate knowledge of website maintenance. Alternatively, we can install the extension for you. Simply choose this as an additional service when ordering the extension, or order installation separately if you have already purchased your extension license.

    Set Up and Documentation

    Refer to the Set Up Guide and User Manual for instructions on how to configure Fooman Connect: Vend.

    Extension Updates

    The monthly subscription option offers unlimited free updates to the Fooman Connect: Vend extension. When a new version is released, the file will be available to download from your account on the Fooman website, under “My Downloadable Products”.


    View FileThe Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions
    View FileSet Up Guide and User Manual - Fooman Connect Vend
  • Below, you can find answers to questions you might have about the extension functionality, and common questions asked by customers before they purchase the extension.

    Do you have a general question (eg. about licensing or your account), or a specific troubleshooting issue? Check out our Help Centre.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Vend?
    Vend is point-of-sale, inventory and customer software retailers that love to use. Find out more or try Vend for free.

    Do you offer a free trial?
    We don't offer a free trial at this stage, but rest assured that Fooman Connect: Vend is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. This allows you to test it out on your own store, trial all the settings and evaluate how it's working for you.

    If it you're not happy for any reason at all, just let us know and we will send a full refund back onto your credit card. Let us know if you need a little more time to evaluate the extension - we're happy to extend the money back period with prior agreement.

    What are the system requirements for running Fooman Connect: Vend?
    To securely transfer your data, your php version must be able to support openssl. Most websites meet this requirement, but please ask your hosting company if in doubt.

    Is Fooman Connect: Vend suitable for multiple store set ups?
    Fooman Connect: Vend links your Magento store to one Vend outlet. If you have multiple Vend outlets, you can choose to connect your Magento store with the main outlet (eg. warehouse outlet), or an online outlet.

    If you are using a Magento multi store set up, Fooman Connect: Vend maps all websites to your chosen Vend outlet. It is not possible to manually exclude any websites from your multi store set up.

    Can I use Fooman Connect: Vend as a one way integration (eg. only from Vend to Magento, or vice versa)?
    Absolutely! When you configure Fooman Connect, you can choose to set up only the import or export function. You don't need to make use of the two way integration functionality if this doesn't suit your requirements.

    Can I use Fooman Connect: Vend to set up a brand new Vend store?
    Yes – you can quickly and easily export all products from your Magento store to Vend, which makes Fooman Connect: Vend ideal for setting up a brand new Vend store.

    Why is Fooman Connect: Vend marked as a beta release?
    Vend itself has not yet published a complete and stable API (application processing interface), which is used by Fooman Connect to integrate with your Vend store. This is the same situation for all Vend add ons and is nothing specific to Fooman Connect. Read more on the Vend website.

    Are there any known conflicts between Fooman Connect: Vend and other Magento extensions?
    There are no known conflicts.

    Can I use the extension with Magento Enterprise?
    No - the extension has not yet been fully tested with Magento Enterprise, so we don't recommend using it.

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